10 Ways To Stay Busy, Healthy, & Happy During Quarantine at our Uptown Charlotte Apartments

10 Ways To Stay Busy, Healthy, & Happy During Quarantine at our Uptown Charlotte Apartments

2020 has been anything but a walk in the park, there’s no doubt about that. Never in a million years did we picture our spring season being stuck inside on a stay-at-home order for weeks on end. To say that things have changed would be an understatement.

For the first couple of weeks during self-isolation, many people felt a burst of motivation to clean the house, workout daily, and do DIY projects. But after a while? That motivation can wear off. With hours to fill during the day—what can you, your family, and your friends do to have fun while staying safe indoors? As it turns out—a lot!

These are hard and trying times, there is no doubt about that. However, we can all take this opportunity to use this extra ‘downtime’ to reconnect, bond, and reflect on what’s really important in life. While you’re sitting at home at our Uptown Charlotte apartments during this health crisis, try some of these fun ideas to spend your time.

1. Set up weekly themed Zoom dates

Since we can’t hang out with our friends in family in person, virtual hang out sessions are the new normal. And since we know everyone as at home, it’s a great way to spend some time catching up with those that are important to you. The Zoom platform is a great way to host virtual happy hours with a group of friends—or even just one-on-one. Make it a point to meet with your friends and loved ones on a weekly basis. Liven it up by setting up a pre-determined theme or activity, like a costume party or cocktail-making ‘class’. This is a great way to feel socially connected while staying safe and healthy at home.

2. Get dirty and garden (indoors or out!)

Staying at home is a great opportunity for you to flex your green thumb. No matter if you have a small balcony, a large patio, or a big yard, there are plenty of ways for you to plant gorgeous plants, flowers, and herbs. Instagram, Pinterest, and Google have no shortage of indoor, outdoor, and small-space gardening ideas for inspiration. Plus? The timing of the seasons couldn’t be more perfect to have a flourishing garden by summer.

3. Write handwritten letters to loved ones

Who doesn’t love getting real snail mail? It’s so rare these days to open up your mailbox and find a thoughtful, handwritten letter from someone you care about. Now that we’re spending time at home, this is the perfect opportunity to bring back this old past time. Find some pretty stationery, a card, or just a piece of paper and jot down a quick note of love and positivity to someone important in your life. It’ll brighten their day when their mailman comes.

4. Participate in ‘fancy’ nights

With so much time being spent in our homes, many of us have resorted to one outfit and one outfit only—the comfiest one. After all, we’re not going anywhere, so why dress up, right? But sometimes, it just feels really good to shower, put on a nice outfit, and do your hair and makeup. Even though we’re not able to go to our favorite bars and restaurants, pick a night to dolled up, fix a nice dinner, and enjoy a bottle of wine or a nice cocktail in your luxury Uptown Charlotte apartment. It’s a simple way to feel “human” again.

5. Learn something

Has there ever been a topic or subject you’ve been interested in but felt like you never had the time to pursue it? Well, now is your chance! Take this downtime to expand your mind instead of letting it turn into mush with too much screentime. Get online or pick up a book to learn about something that interests you—perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn more about the history of where you live, a public figure, or a certain species of animal. Quarantine is the perfect time to ‘nerd out’.

6. Clear out your wardrobe

It’s something that we’re all guilty of—having way too many clothes. How many of those articles of clothing do you actually wear anyway? Use this time at home to really go through everything you own and get rid of anything you don’t wear. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in a year—you’ll never wear it. And even though donation drop-off sites are closed at the moment, you can keep the clothing you don’t wear under your bed, in a closet, or in a garage until you can donate them. Your dresser and closet will be ready for a fun, new summer and fall wardrobe!

7. Get in touch with your artsy side

Art is therapeutic. So, during this pandemic, it seems like the perfect thing to do to ease stress and bring some happiness into your days at home. Carve out some time during your week to get in touch with your artsy and creative side—even if you feel like you don’t have one. Try painting, doing origami, making jewelry, or coloring. Amazon offers lots of ‘grown-up’ coloring books with gorgeous, intricate designs that will keep you busy for hours.

8. Meditate and practice embracing the stillness

A month ago, life was ‘normal,’ but for many, normal means busy. Going to work, picking up the kids from school, having a social life, going to school—humans are busy and social creatures. So, now that we’re home, it can make us feel a little bit lost. However, it’s in times of boredom that you can really get to know yourself and take this time to relax and unwind. Meditating is a great way to take anywhere from 5 minutes to however-long-you’d-like to simply sit with yourself and just “be”. Meditation has been shown to have some seriously wonderful benefits for your health—both mentally and physically. Not sure where to start? Try one of these wonderfully helpful meditation apps.

9. Find some new tunes

Quarantine during the pandemic is the perfect opportunity for you to resort back to your teenage days when you’d sit in your room and just zone out to music that spoke to you. Spend the next few weeks exploring some new bands and artists that you might have never heard before. Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have playlists for you to discover artists similar to the ones you already like—or ones that will become your new favorites!

10. Incorporate daily stretching into your routine

Stretching is like a gift to your body—especially if you’ve been sitting all day or working from home staring at a computer screen. Take the time to spend 20 minutes every single day doing simple stretches from head to toe. You could even add a goal to it—like learning how to do the splits in 30 days.

Stay busy, safe, & sane at our Uptown Charlotte apartments

These are strange times to say the least. So, it’s important to do what you can to have some semblance of normalcy in your life. Staying busy will help you get through this and staying busy in your Uptown Charlotte apartment is the best way to sane and safe during this time.

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