5 tips to stay cool this Summer and not overwork your AC while living at our Tampa Palms apartments

5 tips to stay cool this Summer and not overwork your AC while living at our Tampa Palms apartments

Whether you’re new to the state of Florida or you’re a long-term resident, you know that summer brings high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. For residents of our Tampa Palms apartments, you’ll love having the luxury of central air conditioning in your unit; however, running the A/C for hours on end can be costly and inefficient. We’ve compiled awesome tips to help your home at Mezzo of Tampa Palms stay cool this Summer without having to max out your energy bill. Here are 5 tips to help your apartment feel comfortable this season.


1.) Use blackout or thick curtains to block sunlight and heat

It might seem counterintuitive to hang thick curtains to cool down your home, but using blackout curtains or other thick material over your windows can actually make a huge difference this summer. Keeping these curtains closed during the daytime can block sunlight and naturally insulate your home. Although they don’t allow natural light into the room, they’re ideal to use in rooms you don’t often use or to keep closed while you’re away.


2.) Use portable fans to create airflow throughout your home

Keep the air flowing throughout your home at our New Tampa apartments by investing in a few portable fans—these will be especially useful in rooms that seem to hold onto heat more than others. By turning on the fans, you’ll create a nice breeze in your apartment without the high costs of running the air conditioner.


3.) Take cold showers and drink cold water to regulate your body temp

Besides keeping yourself cool from the outside, another way to battle the heat is by keeping yourself cool from the inside out. When you can’t seem to beat the heat, hop in the shower and set the water to its lowest temperature. Be sure to wet your hair which will help keep you cooler for longer. If you’re short on time, even wetting your face or dunking your feet in cold water can help. Of course, drinking cold water can help immensely when the temperatures are high—plus, it will help you stay hydrated if you’ve been sweating.


4.) Grill outside or use a slow-cooker to reduce heat in the kitchen

The kitchens at our Tampa Palms apartments are equipped with updated appliances and luxury finishes, making cooking at home very appealing. However, cooking or baking at home during the summer months can create unnecessary additional heat in your home. Avoid raising the temperature in your apartment by utilizing our outdoor grilling stations, or if you’d prefer to cook inside, be sure to turn on your range hood fan or use a slow-cooker whenever possible.


5.) Do laundry at night and/or hang dry clothes

Doing chores around the home is sweat-inducing in itself—plus, using the dryer when doing laundry can also create a lot of extra heat. Try and set aside time in the evening to take care of your laundry to help eliminate some of that excess heat, or if you’d prefer to do laundry during the day, try airdrying your clothes to keep the temperature down.


The Florida sunshine and heat are some of the major perks of living in the state, but they can also become an expensive burden. By using these simple tips, you’d be surprised how much cooler your apartment can be. Stop by Mezzo of Tampa Palms today to tour our gorgeous property.

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