Carrboro City School District: Empowering, Inspiring, and Engaging Students

Carrboro City School District: Empowering, Inspiring, and Engaging Students

When you decide to move to our Chapel Hill apartments – one thing is clear: you are moving to one of the best, most robust educational hot spots in the world. Here in Chapel Hill, not only are we a stone’s throw from some of America’s best universities such as the University of North Carolina, Duke, and NC State, but we are also proud of our local school districts that ensure that students of all ages are getting off to the best start. Here at our apartments near UNC, we are lucky to be located within the Carrboro City School District, where local kids grow and thrive.

The Best School District in North Carolina

According to, The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District is the best in the entire state of North Carolina, beating out 116 other school districts in excellence. Highly ranked across the board, they receive an overall grade of A+ on, scoring highly in academics, diversity, college prep, and the quality of teachers. In fact, their teachers are so fantastic here that the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District is ranked number two out of 115 school districts for the best teachers in the state of North Carolina.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District is comprised of eleven elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools, all on their own missions of excellence, with fantastic teachers and staff who aim to make each student’s school day one that is full of enrichment and belonging. No matter which Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School you send your child to, you can bet that your child will be well taken care of. In fact, the mission of the entire school district is to empower, inspire, and engage each student.

College Preparedness at East Chapel Hill High School

If there are any teenagers in your family, they’re going to love their new high school digs. The closest high school to our Chapel Hill apartments is East Chapel Hill High School, which happens to be the third best public high school in the entire state of North Carolina. With a focus on College Prep, East Chapel Hill High School was ranked among the top three in college preparedness, and among the top four in the state for STEM education. You can rest assured that East Chapel Hill High School is a fantastic launching pad for students who want to explore college and beyond.

East Chapel Hill High School is dedicated to garnering positive results among their student body. As shown through their mission statement, the vision of East Chapel Hill High School is to “ensure that every student graduates on time with the essential knowledge and skills as well as personal and interpersonal wellbeing to guarantee access to higher education and/or employment in the 21st century.” They continue on to say, “Our Vision… is one of results-oriented collaboration among students, families, teachers, staff, administration, and the school community.”

They believe that all students can achieve and learn at high levels and that consistent and supported student effort is essential for outstanding achievement. No doubt – your high schooler will get the support they need here at East Chapel Hill High School.

Arts and Athletics at East Chapel Hill High School

Each student at East Chapel Hill High School will have ample opportunities to dive into what makes them shine: whether that be football or theater. Students can enjoy a wide array of sports offerings, including varsity baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, cheerleading, hockey, basketball, track, football, swimming, wrestling, and more. Kids can learn team-building and make life-long friends.

On the arts side of the school, high schoolers can enjoy fostering their creative spirits, whether that be through jazz band, drama, orchestra, chorus, or picking up a paintbrush. No matter what your child is interested in, they’ll get a chance to explore their talents and skills at East Chapel Hill High School.

Excellent Elementary Education at Seawell Elementary School

Of the eleven elementary schools in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district, Seawell is closest to the Pointe at Chapel Hill apartments, being only an 8-minute drive. Seawell has earned an A+ rating on, as they earn A’s across the board in academics, quality of teachers, and in diversity. It’s the 9th best public elementary school in the state of North Carolina, which is quite the achievement, seeing as there are 1,450 elementary schools in North Carolina.

A Rich Life at Seawell Elementary School

Kids at Seawell Elementary don’t just attend class and leave for the day. The school is devoted to engaging students on a whole new level – to inspire them in what makes them excel and what they feel passionate about.

For example, this year, kids at Seawell Elementary School are working hard at putting on the theater production “The Wizard of Oz”, and looking forward to performing in front of their friends and family. Their science fair involved projects such as “How to Land a Human on Mars”, “Which Slime Activator Works the Best”, and more fun science inquires. They recently had an outdoor garden party and farmer’s market, where the students got a chance to design their own garden plan, to set up a farmer’s market, and to even try their hand at cooking in their very own “discovery kitchen”.

It’s no wonder that kids love attending these schools so much here in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District. But don’t take our word for it! It’s best to hear it from the students and families themselves.

What the Students Think

A mother who sends her daughter to Seawell Elementary can’t say enough good things about the school. “My child loves Seawell,” she says, “This is my child’s second year, and she absolutely loves it. The teachers are caring and loving.” And if one thing matters the most in Elementary school, dare we say, it’s the teachers!

Praise also comes pouring in for East Chapel Hill High School, where a recent senior says, “East Chapel Hill High School strives to provide an inclusive, enriching experience for its students.” Another student reports, “I love attending East Chapel Hill High School because the faculty and staff always do their best to provide their students with a good education; I have learned so much at this school.”

The Best Education Near Our Chapel Hill Apartments

If you’re serious about living in an area where your children can attend the best public schools in North Carolina, look no further than our apartments near UNC, the Pointe at Chapel Hill apartments.

Schedule your tour today so you can get a glimpse of how life will be here at our Chapel Hill apartments – experience our relaxing pool and outdoor lounge, our state-of-the-art rec center, and our spacious sunny floor plans. We can’t wait to have you and your family as our neighbors!

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