The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium: Wildlife so close to our Dublin apartments

The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium: Wildlife so close to our Dublin apartments

If you are relocating your family to Columbus or moving across town, you can’t do better than Dublin Park. Nestled on the Scioto River and situated just north of Columbus, Dublin is famous for its sprawling lawns, its manicured downtown, and its award-winning schools. But there’s one reason why moving to Dublin is extra exciting for the kids. We are lucky enough to have a fantastic Zoo where the whole family can explore and learn about animals and wildlife all over the world.

Dublin Park is a beautiful community of apartments with glittering lakes and plenty of green space – a perfect place to raise the kids (and any pets you’ve got in tow!)

Just down the road from our luxury apartments in Dublin

Just 15 minutes up the road from Dublin Park apartments in Dublin is one of the finest zoos in the country. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has something for everyone. Home to more than 7,000 animals, representing more than 800 species from all over the world, the Columbus Zoo is split into four different quadrants that represent different continents and habitats around the world. These include Asia Quest, Australia and the Islands, Heart of Africa, and North America. And that doesn’t even include the Aquarium, which includes many species of marine wildlife, including giant manatees.

Asia Quest

Explore the numerous and beautiful creatures of Asia at The Columbus Zoo’s Asia Quest! According to their website, you can learn about the Rhinoceroses at the Rhino Yard, where the expert rhino keepers teach zoo visitors How they care for the critically-endangered pachyderms and what you can do to help protect them.

Visitors can also learn about Asia’s largest land species, elephants! Visit the Elephant Conservation Station where you can learn everything and anything about elephants.

The Asia Quest section also has a Pheasant Aviary, where you can see various bird species of Asia, including pheasants, muntjacs, parakeets, and more.

Australia and the Islands

In Australia and the Islands, visitors can explore the Lorikeet garden, where you can feed the birds with nectar yourself. Watch out, these beautiful birds might land on your arm to take a sip!

The Kangaroo exhibit is a walk-through garden where Kangaroos bask in the sunlight, take naps, and hop up to visitors. Get a close look at these fascinating marsupials in their natural habitat.

If you’re ready for a break from walking, take a boat ride through the zoo!

Heart of Africa

The Africa adventure at the Columbus zoo features colorful shops and fascinating exhibitions. You can ride the camels, feed the giraffes, and discover the wildlife of Africa, including zebras, gazelles, meerkats, warthogs, and more! If you’re hungry for a meal, be sure to check out the Mapori restaurant in the warmer months, where you can enjoy watching the giraffes in the savannah while dining.

North America

North America has bears, bears, and more bears! Watch a polar bear dive into the water, or a brown bear take a nap in the shade. Explore cold-weather creatures such as reindeer, penguins, wolves, and even moose! Take a train ride through the Zoo and learn about beautiful North American bison.

The Shores and Aquarium

If you’re ready for an aquatic adventure, be sure to explore the Shores and Aquarium. Children love the Discovery Reef Tide Pool, where they can roll up their sleeves and touch the creatures in the water. They can feel the textures of sea urchins, sea stars, mini stingrays, and more.

One part of the aquarium you can’t miss is the manatee exhibit. Discover how the Columbus Zoo is helping protect these creatures down in Florida and watch zoo keepers feed and care for the manatees.

Winter fun at Wildlights

For over 30 years, the Columbus Zoo has hosted “Wildlights”, where the zoo becomes illuminated by thousands of LED Christmas lights. Walk around the zoo while gazing at beautiful holiday lights and visiting hundreds of animals that are still out and about, even in the cold winter months.

Wildlights features animated light shows, the Polar Bear Express, a train ride taking you through the North America Battelle Ice Bear Outpost. But that’s not all! There are plenty of other holiday traditions at the Columbus Zoo. Bring the kids to meet Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Visit Jack Hanna’s Home for the Holidays featuring Santa Paws and a live show.

No matter the time of year, whether the heat of summer or the cold of winter, there’s always plenty of animals to see at the Columbus Zoo.

Giving back to Mother Earth

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a long tradition of giving back to the planet, in accordance with their mission to educate the public about the beautiful animals of the world and to protect endangered species.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium funds multiple conservation projects around the world. They help conserve and build coral in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands by partnering with SECORE to promote coral conservation within critical habitats through research, rehabilitation, and educational outreach. They help fund medical care for gorillas in Africa (and for the people that care for them), and they help grow the natural prairie habitats right here at home in North America. You can feel good knowing that your visit to the zoo contributes to the ongoing health of planet Earth!

Live near the animals at Dublin Park

Right down the road from all the fun at the Columbus Zoo, Dublin Park is a great place to raise a family. The Columbus Zoo is just the tip of the iceberg. This beautiful apartment community is close to canoeing on the Scioto River, taking a day-hike at the metro parks, grabbing books from the local libraries, and much more.

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