Easy & effective exercises you can do from your Westlake Austin apartment

Easy & effective exercises you can do from your Westlake Austin apartment

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely upset our lives and our routines. Offices sent employees to work from home, schools went online, and gyms closed their doors. The day-to-day activities and habits that we were so used to doing, all of a sudden seemed to disappear overnight. Luckily, humans are resilient and adaptable—we always seem to find a way. And when it comes to a workout routine, there are so many ways you can still feel fit and strong without having a gym, equipment, or large workout space.

Living in our Hill Country apartments, you might have to make a few adjustments to your workout regimen, but it’s still very possible to maintain it.  Until our lives and routines return to a semblance of ‘normal,’ residents of our West Lake Vistas can workout in the privacy of their own homes—getting that heart rate up and those muscles pushed to their limit.

Here are 6 easy and effective exercises you can do in your apartment (without disturbing your neighbors!)

Squats (quads, hamstrings, glutes) – The basic squat is a classic element to a great workout because it’s effective and so simple to do. You won’t need any weight or equipment to do squats, however, if you have dumbbells, bands, or heavy household objects you’d like to use to challenge yourself, feel free to do so.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart then bend your knees while keeping your back straight, pushing your hips back, and making sure your knees never go in front of your toes (mimic the movement of sitting down in a chair). Using power in your heels, push your body back up to a standing position, and repeat for the desired amount of reps.

Tricep dips (triceps, biceps, upper back) – Tricep dips are extremely effective at toning up arm muscles and it’s also a very simple movement. Try challenging yourself by either lowering or pushing yourself up at a slow speed.

Using a chair or a coffee table, position yourself as if you were sitting down. Slowly walk your legs out, maintaining a 90-degree bend in the knees, until your arms are next to your hips, lifting your body off the table or chair. Bend your elbows and lower your body as far as possible. Press yourself back up and repeat for the desired amount of reps.

Crunches and sit-ups (core) – Building your core strength is an important element in any fitness routine and crunches and sit-ups are tried and true. You can make this exercise more difficult by holding a weight or heavy object on your chest.

Lie down with your feet on the floor, legs bent at a 45-degree angle. Feel free to support your neck by placing your hands interlaced behind your head or place your arms crossed on your chest. Using your lower abs then moving up your vertebrae, lift yourself up until your shoulders come off the ground. Slowly lower your body back to the floor. This is a crunch. For a full sit-up, you will continue to lift your upper body until you come up to a nearly upright sitting position before lowering back down, vertebrae by vertebrae.

Up-and-down planks (core, chest, arms) – Similar to a push-up, up-and-down planks add an extra challenge to both your upper body and your entire core as well. The move requires zero equipment and is a great strengthening exercise.

Put yourself in a plank position (on the ground, arms and wrists under shoulders, feet shoulder-width apart). Move one hand down to your elbow, then the other hand down to the elbow. Push one arm back up to plank position, followed by the other arm. Repeat, starting with the opposite arm. Continue for the desired amount of time and/or reps.

Wall sits (quads, hamstrings, core) – Wall sits are great because they can be done literally anywhere in any location (as long as there is a wall of some sort available). During this challenging move, it’s important to remember to breathe. Your legs will be trembling, but push through it! If you’d like even more of a challenge, hold on to something heavy while performing the exercise.

Stand against a wall with your back straight and your arms by your sides. Lower your body down so your knees and hips form 90-degree angles with your legs shoulder-width apart. Hold and stay in this position for as long as you can. Stand up, rest, and repeat.

Lunges (glutes, quads, hamstrings, core) – Lunges are great because they work a multitude of muscle groups at once and it’s an exercise that can be performed in small spaces. You can choose to either do lunges in places or if you have enough room, you can take a step forward with each lunge.

Stand together with your hands on your hips and take a large step forward with one leg. Lower your body until your knees make 90-degree angles. Push through your front leg and return to standing position. Repeat with the other leg. Alternate legs and continue for the desired amount of reps.

Stay safe and healthy at our apartments in Westlake Austin

Living in our apartments in Westlake, you might feel limited with the workout and fitness routines you’re able to accomplish. But these simple exercises are great for building strength, toning muscles, burning fat, and making you feel good. Until gyms open their doors, you can still have a seriously effective workout right from the comfort of your living room – without disturbing your neighbors.

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