Embrace Aging in Luxury and Style at Querencia by Our Apartments Near Bee Cave

Just down the street from our Barton Creek apartments near Bee Cave, Querencia is perfect for an aging family member or a place to live if you're on the waitlist.

Here at our apartments in Barton Creek near Bee Cave, you’ll enjoy the highest-class amenities and luxuries – after all, what other apartments near Bee Cave offers your own garage, a state-of-the-art pool, and spacious floorplans, equipped with a management team that truly cares? That’s what we pride ourselves on here at Barton Creek Villas – and that’s why people choose to raise their families here in our community that’s great for kids, pets, and for family gatherings.

As we all know, families age, and at some point, it may become difficult for family members to live 100% independently. Our aging family members want to live a full life that matters to them – with friends, hobbies, grandkids, and pets – so most of us like to keep Mom and Dad out of the dreaded nursing home for as long as possible.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Once you see Querencia, you’ll realize that the aging family member can live a full life – with their very own home, their friends and family, and their hobbies – in a luxury living environment just down the street from our apartments in Barton Creek near Bee Cave. They’ll have all the freedom they want with all the support they need – just steps away from the rest of their family at the apartments near Bee Cave.

Whether the family wants to live close or you’re on Querencia’s 2 year wait list, we have something for you!

Living A Full Life with Freedom and Purpose

The number one fear of moving into an assisted living community is the loss of independence. Our older family members want to eat what they want, drink what they want, and spend their time how they want! At Querencia, the medical professionals and lifestyle staff believe in personal freedom. On their website, they state that “assistance should meet you where you are and take you where you need to go.” This is why they’ve adopted an “individualized approach” to assisted living. They’re not just taking care of patients – they’re taking care of individuals in their own homes, who are living their own, rich lives.

The Querencia team is proud to go above and beyond for its residents – from assisting with daily living activities to really getting to know each resident as a person. It’s a far cry from what most of us know as “assisted living”. Fully equipped with licensed care, a medical director, and a registered dietitian, Querencia offers seniors the life of their choosing, complete with therapy services, delicious chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping and laundry, daily bed-making services, and even a full-time lifestyle coordinator. Querencia has everything the aging family member needs to live safely and healthily, but it also has everything they want to live a rich, comfortable life in which they can live independently and make their own lifestyle decisions.

So whether your aging family member (or you!) need assistance with some daily living tasks, or if you need more rigorous assistance for Alzheimer’s care or another chronic medical condition, Querencia can help. Most importantly, they can help each resident live a life that is filled with beloved pets, grandchildren, art, sports, and views of the beautiful Texas hill country, just steps from the rest of the family at our Barton Creek apartments near Bee Cave.

A Beautiful Place to Live

Visit any nursing home and you’ll see cramped rooms that you’ll have to share with a stranger. Not at Querencia! Husband and wife can move into a spacious condo, complete with two bedrooms, a patio, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a large living room, and plenty of natural light. Residents bring their own furniture, art, and decor, so they can surround themselves with the true comforts of home.

Residents also enjoy the sunny, spacious dining areas. Querencia has multiple dining venues, each with comfortable, family-friendly surroundings and beautiful views of the Texas hill country.

Choose to Do What You Love

No resident is bored at Querencia! Whether your family member loves a good round of sports, a leisurely walk through nature, reading a good book, or dabbling in paints, there’s something for everyone at Querencia.

Keeping in line with their dedication to health and wellness, Querencia features a state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center, where residents can train with an expert personal trainer, take yoga and pilates, and break a sweat on some top-of-the-line workout equipment.

Residents also enjoy swimming laps in the outdoor covered pool, which stays heated year-round. As swimming is one of the healthiest ways for seniors to exercise, it’s one of the most popular ways to get in a good workout, and for residents to feel instantly more fit and energetic.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the carefully landscaped grounds and manicured courtyards, where many residents enjoy spending a sunny day while listening to the birds and the wind through the trees. It’s one of the best ways to relax! If you’re jonesing a more complete excursion into nature, you’ll love the 2-mile nature trail right on Querencia grounds, where residents can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Querencia has an impressive amount of artists who reside here, and their Creative Arts Studio is a favorite among those who wish to express themselves with paints and canvas. Residents participate in multiple art shows every year to show off a lifetime of talent. Likewise, the Woodworking Shop is a favorite for those who want to form wood into beautiful forms, and who want to continue working on their craft.

Other amenities at Querencia include a chapel, a library, and a beauty and nail salon for those ladies who are looking for a pick-me-up.

The Healing Power of Pets

Many older adults rue the day when they have to give up their beloved pets. Querencia, just like our apartments near Bee Cave, recognizes that pets are a part of the family, and that dogs and cats have a powerful and healthy impact on daily life. Here at Querencia, residents can live with their beloved dogs and cats, and they can even run their furry friends at the pristine dog park on Querencia grounds!

All the Care They Need: On Their Terms

With the understanding that aging adults may need more health and medical support, Querencia is fully equipped to handle whatever life throws at them. While they value a free and unencumbered life for their residents, they also value safety and wellness, so each resident can live their best life.

Querencia offers Memory Support Care for residents who struggle with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Living in specialized “memory suites”, residents can enjoy a specialized healthy and well-rounded diet, around-the-clock specialized care, and the amazing benefits of Music & Memory®: a national initiative that uses custom, personally curated playlists to enliven resident spirits and tap into deep, heartfelt memories.

For residents who need around-the-clock care, Querencia offers a program called “Skilled Nursing”, in which professional therapists and nurses ensure that each resident has all the care they need for ongoing health conditions or permanent disabilities.

For residents who are returning from a hospital stay, Querencia offers personalized rehab: with physical, occupational, cognitive and speech therapy. Their rehab program reduces the chances for hospital readmission, and ensures that each resident is doing their absolute best.

Delicious Texas Fare at Querencia With a Focus on Nutrition

As we age, the nutrition we eat becomes more and more important. Forget typical nursing home fare – here at Querencia, each meal is prepared by a team of professional chefs. Their “Real Food First Program” is overseen by registered dietitians who ensure that residents eat a healthy, balanced diet, and their team of dining professionals ensures that the food is manageable for those with age-related disabilities that make it more difficult to eat. No matter what your disability, Querencia ensures that each resident is eating well.

The Testimonials Speak for Themselves

Whoever you ask, you’re sure to get a positive review of Querencia. Austin resident Chuck Stevens says, “This is the best community in Austin. My parents are extremely satisfied and thankful that they moved over 4 years ago. They have thrived and met so many new friends. The hospitality provided and relationships with the staff are second to none.”

Another woman says, “Querencia exceeded all expectations… the staff was friendly and helpful at all times, no matter what the problem, and they take time to know the residents as individuals. In addition, the food was excellent with several choices of meals and venues. It’s a big plus that Querencia offers different styles and sizes of apartments and homes, with beautiful grounds. It really does feel like home… my friend’s mom’s major concern was finding a place that allowed her to take her dog. She’s had pets all her life and wasn’t going to consider changing that. Querencia won big points on that too.”

The Best that Life Has to Offer for The Family at Our Barton Creek Apartments near Bee Cave

The best case scenario for any family is for everyone to stay together, even through sickness and old age. Here at our luxury apartments in Barton Creek near Bee Cave, you can be sure that your entire family is just steps away from your aging family members who need a little extra care. Enjoy afternoons with the entire family, when grandkids can spend quality time with the grandparents, and where the whole family (and the fur babies!) can enjoy spending time together.

After all – that’s the meaning of the good life. Schedule your free tour today here at Barton Creek Villas, where you can raise your family in safe, spacious floorplans, a friendly community, and with grandma and grandpa just a short distance away.

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