Georgia Tech: A World-Class University Down the Street From Our Buckhead Apartments

Georgia Tech is only 10 minutes away from our Buckhead apartments

You don’t have to spend much time in Atlanta to see that Georgia Tech is a significant contributor to the greater Atlanta area. Just 10 minutes away from our apartments in Buckhead, Georgia Tech offers one of the best educations in the country and is one of the largest employers in the area, making Ardmore & 28th the perfect place to call home for students and faculty of the university. Tucked back just enough from the bustle of the city, our Buckhead Atlanta apartments offer a peaceful place to study, stay fit, cook up a delicious dinner party with friends, and enjoy a cocktail on your sunny balcony, whether you’re here to learn, teach, or explore.

Georgia Tech at a Glance

Georgia Tech is our very own local educational powerhouse. According to US News & World Report, Georgia Tech is ranked among the top five public universities in America due to its undergrad programs and tremendous value. Georgia Tech was also ranked as the #4 most innovative school in the country, offering unique ways to engage and educate students. Georgia Tech is celebrated for being one of the best engineering schools in the United States. In fact, its most popular majors include Mechanical Engineering, Information Science, and Industrial Engineering, with the university ranking in the top 5 for each of these disciplines according to US News & World Report.

For students looking for a rigorous academic atmosphere, Georgia Tech is a dream come true. In a poll conducted by, students were asked what word or phrase best describes Georgia Tech. A whopping 58% of students report that “challenging” is the word that popped into their heads, followed by “prestigious” and “stressful”. You’re definitely going to need to swim some laps in our resort-style swimming pool or get in a good workout at our fitness center to blow off some steam after those challenging classes at Georgia Tech! But life at Georgia Tech isn’t all work and no play. For students looking for a good time, Georgia Tech also frequently makes appearances on lists for the top party schools in the country. Bottoms up!

Midtown Atlanta’s Innovation Hub

Whether you live in our Buckhead apartments to attend school or to further your career, you definitely won’t want to miss Midtown’s Innovation District. Nestled right beside Georgia Tech’s campus, Tech Square is where all the exciting innovation happens. Midtown’s Innovation District combines creativity with technology to inspire the next wave of technological innovations.
Home to Georgia Tech and a slew of forward-thinking companies and organizations, Atlanta’s Innovation District has propelled the city to become one of the nation’s leaders in technology. Here you will find the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, the Advanced Technology Development Center, the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and the Technology Association of Georgia. It’s no wonder why Atlanta is heralded as America’s second-most tech-friendly city by PCWorld, and why so many Georgia Tech graduates enjoy such a wealth of job opportunities upon graduation.

Life On Campus: Art & Education in the Heart of Atlanta

Georgia Tech takes pride in the fact that when you’re here, you are surrounded by compelling and dynamic works of art. Whether it’s a mural on the wall, a sculpture in the park, or the chance to see incredible live music and theater, we have ample opportunities to engage with some of the finest art in Georgia right here at Georgia Tech.

To explore all the art opportunities at Georgia Tech, you’ll want to start at the Ferst Center for the Arts. According to their website, “The Office of the Arts is here to…bring exciting, fun, and provocative offerings to the campus for all to enjoy. Whether you’re an undergraduate living in the dorms or a native Atlantan, a tourist or visiting professor, you’ll find a way to get creative!”

The campus itself can be considered a work of art. Nested in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia Tech’s campus spans 400 wooded acres, providing students a comfortable yet stimulating learning environment. Located in the heart of Atlanta, students also have easy access to the best Atlanta has to offer, with easy access to the city’s network of diverse neighborhoods. Students at Georgia Tech have the pleasure of living, working, and playing in the economic and cultural hub of Georgia while receiving one of the best educations in the country.

Let the Games Begin: Sports at Georgia Tech

Sports are a big part of Atlanta culture. Whether it’s the Falcons, the Braves, the Hawks, or the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, we love cheering on our hometown teams. Although education is the primary focus at Georgia Tech, athletics are an important part of the Georgia Tech experience with more than half of Georgia Tech students reporting that “Varsity sports are a big part of campus life”, according to Game Day is a huge reason to party around here, and everyone gets into the school spirit. With all that infectious energy, it’s hard not to join in!

No matter which sport gets you excited, Georgia Tech has plenty of opportunities to cheer on your hometown school. Check out Georgia Tech’s official athletic website for a full list of varsity sports and to find your next opportunity to cheer on the Yellow Jackets.

What the students say about Georgia Tech

When it comes to choosing schools, it’s essential to talk to current and past students to get a sense of what it’s actually like to attend school there.

One freshman says, “Georgia Tech is a great school. At the same time though, it is very challenging. It is in a great area and also has a great return as the average salary out of Tech is around 70k. There are many opportunities on campus for students to get experience and help with getting internships, co-ops, and jobs.”

An Alum has an empowering message for current and upcoming students: “I graduated with two degrees in 5 years. I loved my experience! There are so many resources and opportunities, all you have to do is take the initiative to ask for help or reach out to new people and explore. There are students and instructors from all over the world. The campus is very inclusive. If something doesn’t already exist then you can create it!”

Another freshman is feeling the pride when it comes to the strength of Georgia Tech’s STEM education saying, “[Georgia Tech is a] great institution, especially for STEM majors! Georgia Tech provides a rich learning experience, vast research and plentiful of co-op opportunities, and a multi-cultural campus. It is ranked in the top 10 schools for many STEM majors in the United States due to its strong education system.”

Our Buckhead Atlanta Apartments are the Smart Choice for Georgia Tech Students & Faculty

After putting in some hard work in the classroom, you want to come home to an apartment that works for you as hard as you do. Here at our updated apartments in Buckhead, you can rest assured that we put in the work to make these apartments the best place to live, work, and play near Georgia Tech. Schedule your tour of our Buckhead apartments today. We can’t wait to show you your new home!

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