Get organized with these space saving hacks for your home at Tapestry Glenview

Get organized with these space saving hacks for your home at Tapestry Glenview

Even though the floorplans at Tapestry Glenview are luxurious, spacious, and comfortable, trying to fit your life into a range of 599 to 1,212 square feet can feel like an impossibility. However, with a little creativity and ingenuity, there are plenty of ways to organize your home without taking too much space.

With big-name stores like Target, Walmart, and Family Dollar Store nearby, residents have lots of options to finding ways to help keep you organized, clutter-free, and stylish—all at the same time.


Cute and Trendy Organization from Target

The local Target is less than 4 miles from our Northbrook apartments and has tons of space-saving items to help you decorate and organize your apartment. Not only are their home organization products super practical, but they’re also super trendy and cute too.

Keep shoes and purses tucked away in their place by having an entryway bench. By placing one right by your front door, you won’t have to worry about having a cluttered mess of sandals, heels, and tennis shoes when you first walk into your home.

Buy yourself an ottoman that also doubles as a storage space. Not only can you keep blankets and pillows here, but it’s also perfect for magazines, books, toys, and whatever else you want out-of-sight in your living room or bedroom.

Create an elegant and sophisticated look in your bathroom while also adding an element of storage by using a glass corner shelf. The three-tier shelf doesn’t take up a lot of floor space and is ideal for storing bathroom products, toilet paper, décor, and more.


Organization Without a Lot of Fuss at Walmart   

Less than 6 miles from our apartments in Glenview is a Walmart Supercenter. Known for an incredible array of products at a reasonable price, it’s the perfect destination to help you shop for space-saving organization.

Whether you’re a student or you work from home, keep your office nice and tidy with the help of a six-pocket wall organizer. The cascading organizer hangs on your wall and each sleeve holds up to 50 sheets of paper—amazing for maximizing your limited office space.

Products that are stored underneath your kitchen or bathroom sink can quickly become cluttered and hard to find once there are too many. But with an under-the-cabinet organizer, you can keep the products both organized and handy to reach. Plus, there’s a slide-out wire bin to help make items even more easily accessible.

Store your out-of-season clothes or other hardly-used items underneath your bed or the couch with a set of four plastic storage boxes. These bins are perfect for things that you rarely use but you’d still like to have them in an easy-to-reach spot.


Get Frugal With Your Organization at Family Dollar Store

The Family Dollar is a wonderful place to shop when you’re looking for space-saving organization on a budget. And the best part? There’s a location within a 5-minute drive from Tapestry Glenview. Keep your home clean and spacious using space-saving items from this super discount store.

Keep your drawers in the kitchen and bathroom super organized while keeping items off your limited shelf space by using thin plastic storage boxes. Place the boxes in the drawer and keep items like spices, utensils, hair products, or makeup in them. It will help you save space on the counter.

Add shelves to your small closet with a 6-shelf hanging organizer. The shelf fastens to your closet rod and instantly adds 6 more small shelves to your space. Great for folded t-shirts, underwear, sandals, and more.

Place cloth storage baskets in every room for everyday items like pet toys, throw blankets, or slippers. When tucked away in a corner, the basket not only serves as an organization and space-saving tool but also looks like a regular piece of décor.


Just because you don’t have a mansion’s worth of space, doesn’t mean your home can’t look neat, tidy, and organized. With the help of Target, Walmart, and Family Dollar nearby, there are plenty of space-saving techniques to help you decorate and keep things in order. Stop by Tapestry Glenview and see which floorplan is best for you.

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