Hilliard School District: Academic excellence near our luxury apartments in Columbus

Hilliard School District: Academic excellence near our luxury apartments in Columbus

If you have a growing family, your quality standard of living is naturally higher. You not only need a comfortable and safe place to live where your children and pets can play and stretch their legs, but you also need a positive, supportive neighborhood, and most importantly, excellent schools.

Rest assured that by moving to River Oaks, our luxury Columbus apartments, your children can experience some of the finest schools in the area in the Hilliard City School District, which have earned an overall grade of ‘A’ based on test scores, student-to-teacher ratio, and more.

How does the Hilliard City School District Measure Up?

According to Niche.com, which ranks schools to help families find the schools that are right for them, the Hilliard City School District receives an ‘A’, with good marks across the board. According to Niche’s website, “Niche grades and rankings are calculated using dozens of public data sets and millions of reviews”, and “Our data scientists and user researchers rigorously analyze data and user opinions to assess the key aspects of K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Places to Live.” To learn more about how they rank schools, visit about.niche.com.

The Hilliard City School District comes in with a #7 ranking for “The Best School Districts in the Columbus Area”, with an A in overall Academics, and A+ for excellent teachers, an A for clubs and activities, and an A for an administration and staff that truly cares. In College Prep, they receive an A+. They also receive an A+ in sports, receiving a ranking of #4 for the “Best School Districts for Athletes in Ohio.”

From Elementary School to High School, Opportunity Abounds

For Elementary School Students, Ridgewood Elementary is a close-knit community that gives all they can to help their students with diverse backgrounds and varied learning styles. They use technology in the classroom to assist students with different learning styles more effectively.

At Ridgewood Elementary, your children will learn how to work well with others, using iPads and laptops as cutting-edge learning tools. Ridgewood Elementary serves about 500 students, and according to their website, their goal is to empower “lifelong, self-directed learners.”

For children heading into Middle School, they’re sure to find a happy home at Weaver Middle School, where they will spend 7th and 8th grade. Students at Weaver find an abundance of extracurricular activities in which they can partake in both music and sports. Music activities include choir, band, and orchestra. They also offer football, gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, wrestling, track, lacrosse, softball, baseball, volleyball, cross country, and even Ski & Board club for those who love winter sports. It’s no wonder that Hilliard City Schools are among the best in Ohio for young athletes.

Just like Ridgewood Elementary, Weaver Middle School is dedicated to enhancing education for each student by providing technology in the classroom, to enrich individual learning styles and to achieve more effective learning.

For teenagers moving with their families to our luxury apartments in Columbus, Davidson High School is where students can explore their blooming individuality and interests that follow them through life.

When it comes to extracurricular activities, Davidson High School has it all. Students can dive into music offerings such as band, choir, orchestra, and musical theater. The school also offers private lessons to cater to the individual budding musician.

The young athlete will want for nothing at Davidson High School! Athletic offerings include baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, gymnastics, and softball. It’s a great place for high school students to make lifelong friends and to hone their skills in their favorite performing arts or sports.

Where High School Freshmen Feel Welcome

According to their website, Davidson High School offers a “Freshman Focus Orientation Camp” for incoming freshmen, where incoming students can “get their class schedule, find their locker, pick up textbooks, meet teachers and upperclassmen, and have some fun with other members of the class!”

No student is meant to feel lost at Davidson High School. This high school is unique in that it has a guidance staff dedicated to ensuring that each student has everything they need, both academically and emotionally. The guidance staff is also there to help students through important life transitions, such as helping navigate the transition into college. Just another reason to call today and take a tour of one of our Columbus apartments at River Oaks.

Where High School Seniors Prepare for College and Life Beyond

Davidson High School also offers a “Senior Capstone”, which “builds upon student skills learned in the classroom by providing a meaningful experience that allows them to learn through leadership, service, and reflection.” This is where students can experience job opportunities outside the confines of the school walls, to learn real-world skills, and to prepare for college and work life beyond.

Examples of Senior Capstones include independent photography projects, writing their own music albums in which students write, perform, and publish their own music album, creating their own gourmet food recipes and writing a cooking blog, and more. Students discover that learning is fun when they’re in the field, and they realize what they can achieve once they put their minds to it.

Hear it From the Students Themselves

According to polls conducted by Niche.com, 90 percent of students at Hilliard Davidson High School feel safe at school, and 79 percent of students report that they like their school and feel happy there. Their favorite school events and traditions are Football Games and Spirit Weeks, showing that Hilliard Students love getting into the school spirit.

Furthermore, 86 percent of students and parents agree that students at Davidson High School are creative and artsy, and 92 percent of students agree that students at Davidson are athletic. When it comes to the quality of teachers, 93 percent of students and parents agree that the teachers at Davidson High School genuinely care about their students.

The Career and Technical Center – Where Students Learn Life Skills and More

The Tolles Career and Technical Center serves multiple local high schools in the area. It’s where students come together to learn beyond the textbooks and to tap into their true interests and potential. Their programs prepare students for college and the world beyond by providing opportunities for students to gain real-world experience.

The Tolles Career and Technical Center offers various programs to serve as the gateway for a student’s future, including Agricultural & Environmental programs, Arts & Communication, Business, Finance, & Marketing, Construction Technologies, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Information Technology Law, Manufacturing & Engineering, and more. There is a program at Tolles that will excel any student to the next level in their budding careers.

A home for the students: Luxury apartments in Columbus

If you’re relocating with your family to Columbus, look no further than River Oaks Apartments, where your children will have plenty of space to run and play, and where their local schools will add to their growth and development. Nestled between picturesque Hilliard and Upper Arlington, River Oaks is a wonderful place to raise children. Request a tour of luxury apartments in Columbus today by going to our website. Here you will also find a list of amenities, floor plans and prices, and more information about our welcoming neighborhood.

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