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Indian Prairie School District: Inspiring Kids Near Our Naperville Apartments

Indian Prairie School District: Inspiring Kids Near Our Naperville Apartments

Our luxury Naperville IL apartments are the perfect place to raise a family. One step onto our property and you’ll see why families love it here. Between our spacious floorplans, our rolling lawns, and our resort-style pool, kids always have a great time learning and playing here in our downtown Naperville apartments.

We always have parents coming into our office and asking about the local schools. What can they expect when they send their children to school there? Will their children thrive? At our Naperville apartments we’re lucky enough to be in the Indian Prairie School District, one of the top school districts in Illinois.

The Indian Prairie School District at a Glance

The Indian Prairie School District is made up of 32 schools, including one preschool, 21 elementary schools, seven middle schools, three high schools, and one alternative school. And with a total enrollment of 28,000 students, Indian Prairie School District is the fourth largest school district in the state of Illinois.

The Indian Prairie School District is on a mission: to “help all students grow socially, emotionally, and academically.” They believe in hiring and retaining high quality, effective teachers, school leaders, and support staff, and in managing district resources efficiently and effectively. And, perhaps most importantly, the Indian Prairie School District believes in maintaining focus on the students and the community in which their kids are growing up.

The backbone of Indian Prairie School District is inspiration. They believe in inspiring their students to learn. They believe in engaging kids in rigorous learning that’s relevant to their lives. Focusing on the importance of teamwork and accountability, students learn to work with one another not only in school, but also in their community. Students learn to value and respect others as well as themselves as members of a diverse society, creating a culture of belonging and acceptance that encourages students to become lifelong learners

How Our Local Naperville Public Schools Add Up

The Indian Prairie School District feels a huge responsibility to its students, and it shows. Ranked by as the ninth-best school district in Illinois, they receive an overall grade of A+. In fact, they rank as the 47th best school district in America out of 10,782 school districts! What’s more, they’re ranked as the eighth-best school district for young athletes in Illinois, so if you have a kid who’s an aspiring athlete this might be the perfect school district for you.

Teachers also love their work here. It’s ranked as one of the best school districts to teach in Illinois and lauded as having some of the best teachers in the entire state. And as we all know, a teacher can make or break a child’s classroom experience.

Schools Closest to our Naperville Apartments

If you have any teenagers in the family, they will love our Naperville apartments, because Neuqua Valley High School is right across the street! Situated on a beautiful campus backed up to a large pond and Naperville Park, Neuqua Valley High School is loved by its students, who celebrate it as an “outstanding school.” One student goes so far as to say “Of all the high schools I could have gone to in all the cities I’ve been to, I wouldn’t pick any other than Neuqua. Private school education at a public school.” Another reason why kids love going to Neuqua Valley High School? It’s right next door to the Naperville Public Library, giving them the perfect place to hang out after school!

If you have any elementary-age kids, they’ll likely attend Arlene Welch Elementary, which is just a quick four minutes down the road from our Naperville Apartments, and situated conveniently next to Cantore Park, where kids can enjoy nature and burn some energy before and after school. Arlene Welch Elementary has a beautiful brick school building in a pastoral neighborhood setting and is famous for its friendly and helpful teachers and staff.

Extracurriculars to Hone Your Child’s Talents

Indian Prairie School District is one of the best in the entire state of Illinois for kids who love to play sports. Young athletes can enjoy playing football, basketball, cross country, volleyball, golf, lacrosse, and even dance. Whether on the field or on the court, your kids can make lifelong friends and improve their game while they’re at it.

The Indian Prairie School District has fabulous art programs, music programs, and theater opportunities for kids who love to sing, paint, play a musical instrument, and express their creativity.

What the Students Say About Indian Prairie School District

When it comes to choosing a school district, the student experience is highly important. After all, kids who feel good at school and enjoy their time in the classroom end up being the most successful students.

A senior who recently graduated from Indian Prairie School District reports, “After belonging to this school district for the past seven years of my life, I have to say that this is an outstanding school district. […] it shows how much it cares about its students through its generous spending in after-school activities and it’s amazing educational programs.”

From a parent perspective, this school district helps students every step of the way and is prepared for a large diversity of skill sets and talents. “This school district provides high-quality education for its students,” says one parent, “They provide many different opportunities for learning. There are programs for high-achieving students and lower-achieving students, and they have an excellent program for students with special needs. At the high school level, they offer many AP classes for students to take part in. The teachers hold regular office hours when they can meet students who need extra help.”

Boundless Opportunities For Students Who Live in Our Naperville IL Apartments

Here in our Glenmuir of Naperville luxury apartments, our kids who live under our roof are pretty darn lucky. They enjoy some of the best teachers and educational opportunities in the state of Illinois, and they’re promised a bright future. Schedule your tour of our Naperville apartments today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are looking forward to showing you and your family around your new home.

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