Major, global tech companies are changing the world near our Westlake Austin apartments

Major, global tech companies are changing the world near our Westlake Austin apartments

Those who work in tech or are interested in tech are always choosing West Lake Vistas as the place to call home—why? Because our apartments in Westlake Austin are close to the offices of some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Why deal with traffic and a lengthy commute when you can live just a short, stress-free drive away? Here’s a brief look into some of the major tech companies that are helping shape the economy of Austin.


Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, Apple has created quite an impressive electronics and technology empire. Priding themselves on being a company at the intersection of technology and creativity, Apple has made some of the most loved, used, and well-known products in the entire world. From MacBooks to iPhones and iPads to iPods, this company became the first in the United States to be valued at over $700 billion back in 2014, and they are showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

As for their presence in Austin, it’s only getting bigger. Currently, Austin is home to a large corporate headquarters office that employs over 7,000 people in central Texas—their largest operation in the US outside of their main headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple is also planning on building a new campus to help with the production of the new Macbook Pro just a short distance away from the corporate office. The company plans on initially housing 5,000 employees in the new facility with hopes to grow to 15,000. The new campus is expected to open in 2022.


Next up is the mega-computer corporation, Dell. The giant, global company has chosen Austin as the location for its main headquarters and currently employs over 12,000 people in central Texas. The company, previously known as PC’s Limited, was founded in 1984 and has become one of the largest producers and sellers of personal computers in the world. They’ve also expanded their product line to include televisions, digital cameras, and other computer-related products.

Dell is also doing their part in the local Austin community by going green. 60% of Dell’s total energy consumption comes from TXU Energy wind farms while the other 40% comes from the Austin Community Landfill gas-to-energy plant operated by Waste Management, Inc.


Just 8 miles from our West Lake apartments is the IBM Research Laboratory, one of only 12 global research laboratories in the world. Here technology is being invented and shaped for one of the largest computer and technology companies in the world. Their headquarters are located in New York, however, much of their hardware development, software development, system architectures and advancements in cognitive computing, and AI all take place in Austin.

Employing nearly 6,000 people in the Austin metro area, the IBM Research Laboratory is currently working on projects involving “3D microprocessor transistor design, and Main Memory Power, Performance, and Reliability Research as well as applying AI to industry challenges such as improving elder care.”


Samsung first began its foundry business (semiconductor fabrication plants) in 2005, and in 2017, the Samsung Austin Semiconductor became a part of that process. Providing cutting-edge technologies, Samsung Austin Semiconductor is by far one of the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the world—and it’s less than a 30 minute commute from West Lake Vistas.

The sustainable and eco-conscious company provides 3,000 jobs to the Austin area with plans to invest $1 billion in its chip manufacturing facility, adding 500 more jobs in the near future. Samsung gives back to the Austin community through educational initiatives with the Manor Independent School District as well as dozens of other schools and charities throughout the area.


The massive tech giant Amazon has an impressive presence in Austin and they just happen to have an office, fulfillment center, and Whole Foods Market just a short drive from our apartments in Westlake Austin. Currently, the online retail giant employs around 5,600 people—1,000 corporate-level staff, 2,000 employees at the fulfillment center (in San Marcos), and through its ownership of Whole Foods Market, there are 2,600 additional Austin-based employees.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest companies with a market value approaching nearly $900 billion and plans to continue to add jobs to the Austin area—predicting around 1,400 new tech jobs in the coming years.

Live near the Silicon Valley of Texas at our apartments In Westlake Austin

When you’re an employee in the tech industry, there’s no better place to call home than West Lake Vistas. Not only are the floor plans and amenities top-notch, but the commute to work is a breeze. Be sure to book a tour of our apartments in Westlake Austin today.

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