Worthington City Schools – “Excellent” Rated Schools Near Our Worthington Apartments

Worthington City Schools are a great perk for families living in our Worthing apartments.

When you have a family to think about, choosing a place to live becomes more important than ever before. You have to think about raising your kids in a positive, safe environment. You have to think about raising your kids near the best public schools, and you have to consider a home where kids can run and grow freely.

Here at Northwoods Apartments in Worthington, we’re lucky to live in a beautiful community of tree-lined streets, amazing libraries, and most importantly, some of the best public schools in Ohio. Here are some reasons why kids are lucky to attend Worthington Public Schools, and why our schools are rapidly growing in popularity.

How do Worthington City Schools Measure Up?

If you’re looking for amazing schools to send your children, you can rest assured that Worthington Public Schools are some of the best in Ohio. Ranked #8 in overall best school districts in the Columbus area by Niche.com, the Worthington City School District ranks highly across the board, winning A’s in academics, quality of teachers, health and safety, quality of administration, and facilities. The school wins an A+ in college prep!

Not surprisingly, the school wins an overall grade of A from the Niche surveys, ranking among the top 50 places to teach in Ohio, the top 40 for the best school districts in Ohio, and ranked number six for being among the safest school districts in Columbus. It’s no wonder that every kid feels like teachers are keyed-in to students needs, because the student teacher ratio is pretty good, at 17:1.

What the Students Say About Worthington Schools

Student reviews for the Worthington School District have been overwhelmingly positive, with students reporting overall positive experiences at this school district.

One alum says, “Worthington Schools has been an amazing experience! All of the teachers are helpful and extremely committed to their jobs as educators. While the food is a little lacking, the people at the school more than make up for the poor performance in nutrition. There is great school spirit and everyone in the school is extremely friendly. The community is also nice, as the town of Worthington itself offers a lot to its residents. I look back on my time at Worthington in a positive light.”

Another alum says, “Worthington Schools helped prepare me for college by creating an environment conducive to learning and making friends. Worthington helped me succeed and had open doors to diversity and clubs/organizations.”

A District that Keeps Growing and Improving

The Worthington School District is so good that they’re rising in popularity. It seems that everyone wants to send their kids to Worthington Schools! They’re reporting a huge growth in student body population, expecting 800 new students over the next five years. Because of this, the school administration is focusing on updating buildings, facilities, and classrooms to accommodate modern teaching methods, and to ensure a comfortable learning environment for years to come.

Amongst all these changes, Worthington Schools are especially good at communicating to parents and caregivers. Through their excellent communication methods, Worthington City Schools ensures a close-knit community that truly cares about the schoolchildren. They even have a communications department whose job is to “build strong relationships with the community and its members, while furthering the education of our children”.  They’re always informing parents and caregivers about happenings around the school, and how they can help support the growth and progress of their children.

Worthington Science Day: A Celebration of Innovation!

Science lovers rejoice! Here at Worthington City Schools, science is taken very seriously and is celebrated inside the classroom and out. Every year, Worthington Schools host its annual Worthington Science Day, where the entire community of schools come together to celebrate science! According to their website, “This district-wide event is open to students at all buildings and all grade levels.” Students can participate in the Science Fair, use their imagination at the Invention Convention, where students “learn to develop new solutions to everyday problems”, or partake in the Design Challenge, where kids “work on real world engineering challenges in a team environment.”

Science Day is just a testament to how Worthington City Schools is dedicated to offering unique educational opportunities in ways that students will remember.

They Believe Their Students Will Change the World.

The student body at Worthington City Schools is extra special. With a focus on how each student can make the world a better place, students at Worthington Schools end up reaching their full potentials. They foster a sense of citizenship and community in their students, resulting in amazing results and confident kids who can change the world.

For example, one elementary school student encouraged her township to offer curbside recycling. A high school senior engineered a robot that can help build structures on Mars. High school theater students take time out of their day to teach values to younger kids through the art of acting, and another high school student tackles serious issues through his interest in sports journalism.

Worthington City Schools features a wonderful support system of teachers and staff members – from educators to lunch ladies to bus drivers – who all care about each student. It’s no wonder that students grow up confident, happy, and ready to make their positive impact on the world.

Excellent Schools and Excellent Living at Northwoods Apartments in Worthington

Our Worthington Apartments are a fantastic place to raise the kids. With our rolling green lawns, spacious floor plans, and safe neighborhood, there’s not much more that a parent can ask for. And with the addition of some of the best public schools in the entire state of Ohio, kids at Northwoods Apartments in Worthington have all the support they need to grow and flourish.

Visit our website today to book your free tour. Here, you can also find a full list of our amenities. Kids can swim in our pool in the hot summer months, play with their dogs at our on-site dog-park, they can play ball at one of our on-site volleyball courts, and visit the many parks and libraries close to our Worthington Apartments.

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