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Luxury Broomfield Apartments

Terracina is a luxury pet-friendly apartment community less than five minutes from the Boulder Turnpike, Flatiron Station, and the Arista entertainment complex. Terracina is a quick commute to the University of Colorado Boulder and major employers in the Technology Corridor and Interlocken Business Park — such as, Level 3 Communications, Oracle, and Good Samaritan Medical Center. For nature lovers, Terracina is across the street from Del Corso Park and less than a mile from the Cradleboard Trail and Frank Varra Park.

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Cherry Creek Apartments - The Gardens at Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek Apartments | Luxury Apartment living in Denver

Located in the upscale Cherry Creek suburb of Denver, The Gardens at Cherry Creek Apartments are only a 15-minute walk from Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Cherry Creek North. The Cherry Creek Trail system is located just two blocks from the community, providing easy bicycle access to downtown Denver.

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Denver, CO

Upcoming and Popular Events in the Greater Denver Area

The Denver Metropolitan Area’s Excellent Shopping Line-Up

Denver’s Culinary and Dining Array

The Sterling Denver Nightlife

Denver’s Myriad Outdoor Activities

Museums and Art Galleries of the Denver Area

Entertainment and Adventure for the Family

Upcoming and Popular Events in the Greater Denver Area

Denver, the aptly nicknamed “Mile High City,” is as bustling in social and cultural activity as it is topographically beautiful to the eye. Home to many annual/seasonal events, shows, races, and concerts, there is simply no shortage of stimulating entertainment available to residents and visitors alike. Both the city itself and the larger Denver metropolitan area feature splendid venues which routinely host visiting performers and spectacles of every sort imaginable. Many a venue is outdoors, which offers audience members or event attendees unimpeded views of Denver’s skyline and the landscape by which it is surrounded.

Here Are Some of the Best Events in and Around the City
Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre
Around thirty minutes from Denver but only half that from Cherry Creek, the nearly 80-year-old concert venue, Red Rocks Park is as noteworthy a cultural and entertainment attraction as you’ll find in Colorado…or anywhere in the United States, for that matter. Taking full advantage of its unique topography, the Red Rocks Amphitheater allows guests and concertgoers to bask in natural wonder while enjoying the popular sounds of the day. In addition to having hosted world-famous musicians across the decades, the park is also home to an annual Easter Brunch on the Rocks gathering which allows guests to enjoy delicious food in a breathtakingly gorgeous setting.

Amazing Scavenger Hunt
What better way to both learn about and experience Denver, Colorado than through the charm and challenge of a cleverly arranged scavenger hunt? Fortunately, residents and tourists are welcome…no, encouraged to participate in the city’s Amazing Scavenger Hunt, which is ongoing through the end of 2018. Acquaint yourself with the city’s past and stimulate yourself both mentally and physically in the process. This is a concrete excursion of the most memorable sort.

Platte River Half-Marathon
Colorado is among a handful of states whose populations tend to be active, healthy, and generally exercise-oriented. So, what better place to host a half-marathon? In April, the Platte River Half-Marathon sees local and visiting runners subject their fitness abilities to the joyful stress of a rewarding and scenic 13-mile jaunt. If you’re inclined towards the runner’s high, fuel that desire in mile-high fashion.

Denver Digs Trees
There’s little question of it: Colorado is a beautiful, ecologically diverse state. Most Coloradans aim to keep it that way. None more so than The Park People, a Denver-based non-profit committed to the safeguarding of their city’s public spaces. The group’s Denver Digs Trees program occurs annually and sees residents of the area securing trees for planting in spaces both public and private. It’s a worthy movement for reasons of eco-consciousness and aesthetic enrichment.

Tropical Discovery Encounter
The Denver Zoo is a beloved element within the city and sees both locals and tourists taking in its wonders each year. One of the zoo’s most celebrated and annually anticipated events is its Tropical Discovery Encounter, a ticketed special event which showcases rainforest fauna (hundreds of species) in settings tailored specifically for them. Children and adults alike will be awed and charmed by this majestic display of tropical creatures.

Donut Dash 5k/10k
What better means of incentivizing a run than with the confectionary wonder that is a doughnut? Or, in this case, a donut. The Donut Dash 5k/10k takes place in April and sees runners gracefully covering those kilometers with glazed perfection awaiting them at the finish line. Calories burned, calories consumed—an equitable and rewarding transaction.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival
A handsomely sponsored creativity hub—and with a charitable angle, no less—the Cherry Creek Arts Festival is one of the more celebrated aspects of summer life (it is held in July) in the Denver metropolitan area. The excellent works of artistic talents coming from near and far alike line a wealth of exhibits to please eyes and attract buyers. Patrons of the arts are encouraged to make this festival a priority, and should also drop-in to the nearby Gardens at Cherry Creek Apartments, a luxury property that channels the very best elements of the community it inhabits.

The Denver Metropolitan Area’s Excellent Shopping Line-Up

For all the natural charm and topographical beauty associated with Denver, its citizens are just as inclined towards shopping as anyone else. Whether it’s a morning stroll through a neighborhood market or large quantity gift-buying prior to the holiday season, we enjoy our shopping centers and welcome every opportunity to explore tastefully arranged retail settings and all they have to offer.

The Denver Area’s Most Popular Retail Centers
The fact is, not all shopping centers and the stores they feature are created equal. And if ever there was a discerning bunch where quality of experience is concerned, that bunch would be we people of Denver. There is something about clean air and a high standard of living that inherently yields a demand for superior…everything. We like our bike paths wide, our mountain views unimpeded, our food healthy, and our shopping options nothing short of superb. Below is a sampling of the Denver area’s retail scene, to include larger centers and boutiques alike. Shop well and keep your quality standards intact.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center
Suburban residents often see fit to journey into larger cities for the purpose of top-tier shopping. There is admittedly a sense of adventure that accompanies any such excursion, but such trips are not at all necessary for residents of Cherry Creek, which is home to the aptly named Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Notable among residents for its posh presentation and tony assortment of high-end, household-name retailers, Cherry Creek Shopping Center features brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Kate Spade, and Tiffany & Co. There is no shortage of spectacular product available in this particular shopping center.

Denver’s 16th Street Mall
It’s perhaps as American a concept as ever there was: the shopping mall. Because when one store simply won’t do, combine more than fifty of them under a single roof and outfit that gathering with a generously sized food court. Malls, like anything else, can be done either well or poorly—Denver’s 16th Street Mall does it well. Stores include Express, PACSUN, Victoria’s Secret, Patagonia, Wardrobe Works, and, of course, American Apparel. As for cuisine, the restaurants neighboring these many fine stores include the celebrated Morton’s The Steakhouse, La Fondue, and McCormick’s Fish House & Bar, to name a few.

The Denver Union Station: Tattered Cover
A historic cultural totem in and of itself, Denver’s century-old Union Station is a choice destination as much for tourists as for lifelong residents of the community. It’s a marvelous treasure and a window into the area’s remarkable history. And did we mention it features a small but compelling collection of shops, as well? These include the Tattered Cover Book Store, which connects readers with titles both esoteric and mainstream, both old and new. As long as you’re taking in a bit of Denver lore, you may as well equip yourself with a work of fine literature, particularly one offered by a worthy bookseller.

Art District on Santa Fe: A Surfeit of Boutiques
There is certainly no harm in finding what you need at a big-name retail operation. But there is also no sense in limiting yourself to the major players, particularly not when boutique or boutique-style shops abound in our Art District on Santa Fe. As the name implies, art and creativity underscore this area and effectively define the stores therein. Among these you will find Eron Johnson Antiques and Handmade Homemade, each of which channels the district’s very essence.

Denver’s Culinary and Dining Array

People, as it turns out, need to eat. And even more than needing to eat, people like to eat. Who can blame them? Food is terrific. Even better than food is good food, which is doubly terrific. And good food is available in many genres and price points throughout the larger Denver metropolitan area.

Though noted for a great many characteristics and qualities which are seemingly unique to it, Denver is particularly famous for the marvelous standard of living which its strong economy and accessible natural wonders collectively yield. In maintaining that standard, the local community has voted with their tastes (and with their wallets) to ensure a bevy of healthful, high-quality, and diverse restaurants dot the commercial landscape. We have been largely successful in this regard, though we do allow for the chains to flourish as well, provided they adhere to a baseline flavor/ingredient standard (only kidding).

A Modest Sampling of the City’s Best Dining
Excellent dining is not at all limited to the Denver city limits, not by any measure. The neighboring suburbs also feature their share of chophouses, smoothie bars, salad shops, coffee dens, sushi establishments, and scores of restaurants and food vendors covering the industry’s complete gamut of ethnic styles and consumer preferences. A comprehensive list would border on the impossible, but below is a solid overview of the area’s worthier of restaurant entries. It goes without saying that each of those mentioned is deserving of your patronage.

Blue Island Oyster Bar
It seemed sensible to start this list with a seafood mention. And why not? This sort of cuisine is typically associated with coastal culinary preferences. Any inland stab at shellfish is destined (or doomed, rather) for mediocrity, correct? Not in this case. Blue Island Oyster Bar has imported into its doors the best of seafood preparation methods and is happy to share as much with Denver residents and those just passing through. For at least a moment’s time, you may well lose sight of your mountain view and imagine yourself in a New England dining venue.

Denver’s Own Hedge Row
The wood-fired approach to cooking food is as old as humanity itself. For that reason alone, the concept has proven rather durable across the ages. Smokey scents combined with the very brand of warmth our ancestors once knew culminate within Hedge Row American Bistro to create an atmosphere so inviting it almost supersedes the cuisine. Almost. But the Hedge Row menu is simply too exquisite to be so easily outdone. With artistically conceptualized appetizers, lunch items, and dinner entrées on offer, this restaurant is a hallmark of what can be achieved when the best of American culinary sensibilities are combined with wood-fired preparation. Recommending every dish on the menu would be easy enough, but the profoundly flavorful Pan Seared Wild Salmon warrants particular mention.

It’s often said that Italian food is difficult to do wrong. That is essentially a variation on the “No such thing as bad pizza.” maxim. True though that may be, there is another side to that coin. Specifically, Italian food is hard to do well. Piatti, for the record, is Italian food done very well. Located in Cherry Creek North, Piatti is celebrated by our community for the richness and artisanal character of its many brilliant dishes. Locally grown and procured ingredients are central to the restaurant’s model, which only serves to further endear Piatti in the hearts of Cherry Creek residents.

Hapa Sushi Grill
There may be something incongruous to the pairing of the word “sushi” with that of “grill,” but that incongruity is actually consistent with the Hapa approach to fine cuisine. A Cherry Creek favorite, Hapa Sushi Grill features clever, flavorful, and memorable fusions of Japanese culinary tradition with Western ingredients and recipes. Though Asian taste reigns supreme within Hapa’s doors, an essence of Americana persists in many a bite.

The Sterling Denver Nightlife

No major city is worth its weight in salt without a suitable selection of cocktail lounges, nightclubs, traditional bars, and, of course, at least one karaoke bar for the particularly brave amongst us. For many, the daylight hours are spent married to a desk, to research, to meetings, to a boss, to whatever is required of us to earn a living. Coupled with every other responsibility that accompanies one’s transition into adulthood, finding the time for relaxation, conversation, and stress release is a difficult proposition. Which is not to say it is out of reach, certainly not for those of us fortunate enough to reside in Denver…and Cherry Creek more specifically.

A Helpful Snapshot of a Classy Bar/Lounge Scene
Denver has long boasted an enviable collection of dining and entertainment options and venues. As a prosperous city populated by active residents, the metropolitan area has always reveled in keeping pace with changing tastes and its residents’ (polite) demands for top-of-the-line restaurants, stores, et cetera. This aspect of the city has kept its nightlife dynamic and thriving, much to the liking of its many partakers. There is no single way to revel in the joys of post-sunset happenings, but there are a few cornerstones upon which the concept has always rested. The bars, lounges, and clubs listed below each adhere to that principle in their own distinctive way.

Milwaukee Street Tavern
There may be better places in which to bask in the flavors of various spirits and brews while separating yourself in body and mind from the daily toil…but you’d be hard-pressed to find one in Denver. Milwaukee Street Tavern is locally prized for the warmth of its atmosphere, the flavor of its entrees, and the friendliness of its staff. A choice house for sports-watching, large gatherings, and after-work socializing, this is one tavern whose quality you will soon need to experience firsthand.

The Cherry Cricket
Difficult to go wrong with a bar named for the infamous cherry cricket. Okay, there may be no such thing as a cherry cricket…but what a name: The Cherry Cricket. And what a bar, for that matter. Yes, the food is indulgent and delicious, but the nightlife crowd will find much to appreciate about the ales, the spirits, and the cocktails. The look and feel of any restaurant/bar is central to its appeal and to its ability to garner patron loyalty. For its part, this particular bar lacks neither in appeal nor in patron loyalty, which should tell you all you need to know.

Vinue Food and Wine Bar
Wine. So much meaning packaged within that one-syllable word. It suggests a culture all its own and a way of life to which many are drawn. It is also a favorite of the nightlife crowd, most especially when it is coupled with artful dishes of delightful cuisine. The Vinue Food and Wine Bar very much delivers on that front, with a sublime wine selection and an accompanying menu of modestly sized meals or samplers to satisfy your cravings. Above all, Vinue is the embodiment of class. It is sought out by visitors to our city and frequented by our residents, and with good reason. Not every sophisticated bar features a strong menu, nor are strong menus always found in sophisticated bars—finding the two in one place, that’s something worth cherishing.

Solutions Lounge and Restaurant
The very embodiment of a concept bar/restaurant, Solutions offers its patrons a mentally stimulating outlet which tests the mind while fostering bonds of camaraderie between visiting patrons. And as a bonus feature, Solutions happens to serve food and alcohol…which people seem to enjoy. This truly unusual venue is heavily centered on its exhilarating Escapology® theme, which requires mental agility and creativity of the participants. But guests are also encouraged to enjoy the many lunch/dinner menu items available, which range from small appetizers to entrees along the lines of bacon burgers and broccoli gratin. If your evening out calls for more than the standard order, eat, pay model of experiencing a night on the town, broaden your view and try out what this place is selling—an opportunity to test your wits against numerous escape-oriented challenges. It will be anything but forgettable, likely even enjoyable.

Denver’s Myriad Outdoor Activities

The story of Colorado is characterized as much by physical exertion and athletic adventure as by anything else. Fitness, rigor, health, and appreciation for nature are hallmarks of the state’s identity, an identity embraced and honored by residents and one recognized and often emulated by visitors. And what better way to engage in arduous exercise than by immersing yourself in the scenic outdoors? One aspect of Denver living which most locals cherish and few take for granted is the metropolitan area’s supreme proximity to numerous parks and topographical features. No matter your activity preference, living in Denver ensures you are never far from landscape/terrain necessary for any given athletic pursuit.

The Trails, The Parks, The Sights
Denver is not alone in this regard, but the city does find itself geographically situated in such a way as to allow for countless outdoor sports and hobbies which are not easily found in one location elsewhere across the republic. Not to mention, a humbling mountain view can’t help but inspire the athlete in all of us. There is simply something about Denver that encourages human beings to test their limits and to absorb the majesty of the natural world. The ways to go about doing both are numerous, but a few stand out as being notably commonplace in and around Denver, such as mountain biking, hiking, and mountain climbing. For reasons of both physical vitality and mental wellbeing, maintaining an active lifestyle is a given. But doing so in a miraculously gorgeous environment is all the better still.

Cherry Creek Trail
At just over eleven miles in length, the Cherry Creek Trail is ideal for a good day’s scenic hike. Not overly technical, this trail is also suitable for mountain biking, cycling, running, and dog walking. Though it sees its fair share of use, the trail is rather tranquil.

Park Loops
Denver is a curious hybrid of urban sophistication and brilliant topography. This characteristic lends itself to a large network of park/lake loops, or walking/running routes that effectively encircle a lake or pond within a park setting. These are ideal for relaxing strolls, invigorating runs, or any combination thereof. Consider Mile High, Meadow, or the Cheesman Park Inner Loop.

Dog Parks: Physical Exertion for the Canine(s)
Colorado is just about as friendly a place for dogs as one will find in these United States. Nowhere is that better in evidence than in the state’s numerous dog parks. Those of us local to Denver certainly appreciate the many canine-friendly fields and running grounds (many of them leash-less) available to us, and newcomers are quick to do the same. The Cherry Creek State Park is but one of the dog parks, or facilities open to dogs, you will find in the Cherry Creek area. Treat yourself and your loyal friend to the fresh air and open space of a local dog park.

Mountain Biking Routes/Trails
Colorado is closely associated with the art and hobby of mountain bike riding. The surrounding landscape is well-suited for the activity and provides challenges for riders of every skill-level. No two routes are quite alike, while some are particularly distinctive. While some routes might require a degree of technical prowess, others are largely devoid of obstacles or slippery terrain. Either way, the work of peddling through rough terrain is reliably exhilarating. A few of the more famous (or infamous) trails near or within comfortable driving distance of Denver include White Ranch, Mount Falcon, Green Mountain, and North Table. Depending on your desired level of strain, some of these may prove a bit challenging. But each offers its own combination of arduousness and scenery. With proper planning and a good sense of what you aim to achieve, any one these routes will leave you feeling enlivened and very much in touch with Colorado’s breathtaking outdoors.

Museums and Art Galleries of the Denver Area

Human experience would be rather poor in the absence of creativity and innovation. Art museums exist with the aim of showcasing and preserving testaments to both phenomena, while others do the same for items or objects of geological, biological, or astronomical significance. To put it lightly, museums are remarkable. They are also important for the cultural betterment of the civilizations who create them.

A Short List of Great Museums and Galleries

Denver has within its borders and throughout the surrounding area several museums and galleries, each of which provides residents and visitors a window into world history, into the artistic realm, or into a way of life inherently distinctive from the one we presently inhabit. Individually, any one of these museums/galleries is a veritable treasure, one for which we are rightly and enduringly grateful. Taken collectively, they immeasurably enrich the Denver metropolitan area by expanding the minds of its many residents. Below are listed a few such treasures.

Denver Art Museum
Established more than a century past, the non-profit Denver Art Museum is a repository and showcase for artistic works from all over the world. Like all museums, the Denver Art Museum was founded to serve as an educational resource, a monumental learning hub, which is faithfully embodied by its commitment to featuring forms of creative expression sourced from myriad cultures and civilizations spanning centuries upon centuries. If a museum can be said to exist for the purpose of opening eyes and illuminating the largely unknown, this one is performing exactly as intended.

History Colorado Center
A physical embodiment of the History Colorado enterprise, the History Colorado Center is a museum emphasizing the state’s unique cultural and geological background and characteristics. It is a gathering place for the educationally minded and a resource for Colorado students interested in better understanding their state from a place of wise and comprehensive perspective. The preservation of archaeological artifacts and sites is central to History Colorado’s mission, a fact which is reflected well within the Center itself. The History Colorado Center compellingly encourages its visitors to peer into bygone historical episodes, a process which tends to yield a clearer understanding of the present.

Molly Brown House
Molly Brown’s name is forever associated with the RMS Titanic, a massive ship which sank in 1912, a tragedy which miraculously did not claim her as one of its victims. From that point forth, she would be known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” The Molly Brown House is over a century old and, as the name would suggest, was once owned and occupied by the great woman herself. Like so many relics before it, this one was once slated to be razed several decades ago. Efforts to save it were successful and the house now stands as a hallmark of Denver’s commitment to honoring its history. Sightseers and local residents are welcome to experience guided tours of the magnificent artifact, with children, seniors, students, teachers, and active duty military members enjoying discounted admission rates.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
It is often easy (too easy) to forget how relatively brief our species’ tumultuous existence has been in relation to, say, the age of the earth…or the cosmos. But let’s just stick with the earth. It’s old. And a lot happened prior to humanity’s debut on the world stage. In truth, a lot has happened since. A lot has happened, period. And the Denver Museum of Nature & Science hopes to share as much about all of that as is possible. At well over 700,000 square feet in size, the museum is enormous, and its contents many. Visitors to the museum can explore the human organism, the depths of the ocean, the terrors and wonders of prehistory, the fauna of today, the fauna of yesterday, the mummies of Ancient Egypt, and far, far more. The result of any visit to a museum of such scope and magnitude is almost invariably a sense of perspective and appreciation for the marvels which preceded us, and those by which we are, in the here and now, very much surrounded.

Entertainment and Adventure for the Family

As any parent will acknowledge, keeping kids suitably entertained and engaged is a perpetual process, as is attempting to foster family bonds through shared activities. In the modern era, various “smart” technologies have all too often come to dominate the minds and attention of children (and of adults, for that matter), a phenomenon which can alienate family members from one another. Television series, addictive video games, social media—collectively, these have come to make the work of forging connections between parents and kids more difficult than ever.

Popular and Celebrated Attractions
But for those of us fortunate enough to live in the Greater Denver Area, opportunities for family friendly activities, adventures, and fun of the most memorable sort exist seemingly around every corner. Whether you hope to experience the wonders of the animal kingdom, subject yourself to high-flying thrills, or forfeit an afternoon to the joys of gameplay, Denver has a menagerie, attraction, or park to ensure yours is a day of family pleasure exceedingly well spent. And because each of these merits repeat visits, you are not at risk of exhausting the options available to you. We’ve provided a modest sampling for your planning purposes.

Denver Zoo
At over 120 years of age, the Denver Zoo is a longstanding and beloved city fixture, one that remains enduringly popular with both Denver locals and tourists. Providing adults and children alike an opportunity to witness the majesty of brilliant wildlife mere feet (or inches) removed from the patrons, this 80-acre zoo is home to over 600 species. Here, kids can lay eyes on the mighty gorilla, massive grizzly bears, countless species of bird, menacing crocodiles, and marvelous great cats ranging from the imposing lion to the mysterious snow leopard. To visit the Denver Zoo is to gaze upon some of nature’s most remarkable creatures. Kids and adults will experience no trouble in surrendering to the wonder of it all.

Downtown Aquarium
As the source of all life on earth, the oceans compel human minds to examine and explore its depths in search of answers and understanding. And while that search cannot, in all practicality, be undertaken by all people, many of the species populating the oceanic realm can be safely relocated to the relative comfort of a massive artificial, saltwater habitat—also known as an aquarium. Denver’s Downtown Aquarium is just such a habitat, and one that features a restaurant, no less. As visually stimulating as it is intellectually engaging, the Downtown Aquarium boasts hundreds of diverse species of sea creature swimming all about their visitors in what amounts to nothing short of an immersive experience. Families will find much to hold their shared attention while creating marvelous memories in this truly incredible setting.

Elitch Gardens
Zoos, aquariums, and the exotic creatures they house are marvelous, of course, but how about a dose of adrenaline? Every so often—or perhaps very often—a visit to the local amusement park is a perfect way to bring parents, children, and their voice boxes together. Elitch Gardens is a playground taken to the extreme. With roller coasters, waterslides, and even a raft or two on call, this park will leave stomachs queasy, mouths smiling, and the kids pleading for a second go-around. Indulge them on this one—the dividends merit the time invested.

Rocky Mountain Play Park
Shopping is as good a reason (or excuse) for a family outing as ever there was. Local parents who find themselves frequenting the Cherry Creek Shopping Center can treat their children to the center’s Rocky Mountain Play Park, which features various Looney Tunes-themed games and activities. This park takes what’s best about the playground, infuses it with class and character, and situates it within a highly frequented collection of shops. Convenient and enjoyable in equal measures.

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If you’re looking for things to do in Denver, that’s a good start. If you’re looking for the absolutely required, non-optional places you have to see and the once-in-a-lifetime events and activities you can’t miss, that’s even better. Whether you’re looking to see the city like a local, get an eyeful of natural and man-made landmarks, or just eat the finest food in the city - let me b...

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