Best apartment dogs: Top 10 breeds for apartment living

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.
By no means am I an expert on dogs, but I am an expert on loving dogs. Big, small, hairy, drooly … it doesn’t matter. I’ve also lived in my fair share of apartments in Charlotte and even though I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like, I do know some breeds are better suited to apartment living than others. After all, none of us like to be startled awake at 3:00 a.m. to a dog barking or howling on the floor above you.

Size probably isn’t as important as temperament and energy level, especially since Charlotte has some of the largest apartments in the country compared to other top cities. In addition, several higher-end communities like Quarterside Apartments include convenient, fenced dog parks on the property. So, if you’re looking for a roommate, I’d heartily recommend one of these breeds. In no particular order:



English Bulldog:
Bulldogs might look like they mean business, but they would just as soon
curl up with you on the couch. Bulldogs prefer the indoors as they get hot
and tire easily. Considering Charlotte’s average summer temperature is in
the high 80s, take care not to be outside too long.



Greyhound: Despite the fact they are the fastest breed, Greyhounds are built for short bursts of speed, not endurance. In fact, they are often likened to couch potatoes. A safe, enclosed area for an all-out sprint a couple of times a week is fine as they don’t require hours of exercise. Greyhounds are calm and sweet-natured, non-aggressive, and rarely bark.




Pugs are even-tempered and playful and don’t need a lot of physical activity. Short walks are fine by them. Pugs are sensitive to extreme temperatures so they are most comfortable indoors.





Shih Tzu:
Friendly and alert, Shih Tzus are perfectly happy to follow you around your apartment for their exercise. Shih Tzus tend to be low-to-moderate energy dogs and are not particularly fond of the outdoors.





Miniature Pinscher:
Miniature Pinschers are tiny dogs (8-10 pounds on average) with big attitude. Though they can expend a lot of energy at one time, it will be followed by an 8 hour nap! Their favorite activity is curling up on someone’s lap. Like other small breeds with short hair, they get cold easily so keep exposure to cold temperatures to a minimum.




Boston Terrier:
Short and compact, Boston Terriers are friendly and easy to train. They tend to be pretty inactive while indoors and short, daily walks are sufficient exercise. Boston Terriers aren’t “barkers” by nature which will make your neighbors happy.






Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
are happy, calm, and intelligent dogs who get along with everyone. They are a naturally quiet dog and only prone to yapping if not trained. Their energy level requires brief, playful sessions followed by long naps.





Bichon Frise:
These little furballs are energetic and love to play but rarely bark unless someone knocks on the door. Bichon Frise need exercise to help expend their energy so daily walks in your community’s pet park is a must.



Yorkshire Terrier:
“Yorkies,” have the 3Cs down pat: cute, cuddly, and compact. These affectionate dogs adapt quickly and are happy to get a majority of their exercise indoors. Good training and socialization will help prevent any “yappiness.”







As long as Bullmastiffs have a place to nap, they’re content. Naturally quiet and calm, Bullmastiffs would just as soon sleep than anything else. However, the breed is also affectionate and loyal making them great guard dogs.

Check with your Charlotte apartment community before getting a dog. Many have breed restrictions and/or weight restrictions.

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