Channel your inner bookworm near our West Carrollton apartments

Channel your inner bookworm near our West Carrollton apartments

There’s something about getting lost in a good book on a rainy day that transports our minds to a different world. Biographies, sci-fi fantasies, dramas, or mysteries—no matter what type of books you like to read, it’s a pastime that truly never gets old. For the bookworms that live at our Kettering apartments, you will be delighted to know that there are numerous bookstores near Dovetree—all offering something unique and special to tailor to your taste.


Barnes and Noble

Less than a 10-minute drive from our apartments in West Carrollton is one of the largest bookstore chains in the country—Barnes and Noble.  With over 600 stores located in all 50 states, Barnes and Noble is your go-to destination for well-known and independent authors, as well as music, toys, movies, and games. Plus, your local B&N location hosts Saturday Story time for kids, in-person author book signings, and other fun events. Visit the Barnes and Noble website for hours, events, and more.


Bonnett’s Book Store

Boasting used books and movies, comic books, back-issue magazines, and more, Bonnett’s Book Store is the second oldest business in the Oregon District. The Bonnett family opened their eclectic book store in 1939 and it remains family-owned today. With over half a century under its belt, you’ll get lost in the store exploring the shelves of hard-to-find books, magazines, comics, and collectibles. Visit the website and blog to stay up-to-date on their happenings.


2nd & Charles

Just under 5 miles from our West Carrollton apartments is another great destination to purchase used books—2nd & Charles. Giving “stuff” a second chance, this fun store sells almost-new and pre-used goods for prices you can afford—and this includes books. Scour the shelves of fiction and memoirs to find your next good read. They also sell music items, games, toys, collectibles, and more. Head over to the 2nd & Charles website for hours and information on how you can sell your used books.


Kubik Fine Books

If it’s a rare book that you’re looking for, you’ll most likely find it at Kubik Fine Books. Known as a full-service antiquarian bookstore, this one-of-a-kind establishment offers rare, collectible, and vintage books across all fields and genres. Military, history, theology, and literature are just a few of the topics in which they specialize. In addition to selling these rare and collectible books, they also buy them too. Visit the Kubik Fine Books website to browse their inventory and learn more about what they do.


One Dollar Book Swap

Got a dollar? You can get a new book at the One Dollar Book Swap, a community-based warehouse bookstore. With a stock of over 200,000 books, DVDs, audiobooks, and video games in a variety of genres, they’re selling everything for just one buck. You can also bring in your used books, audiobooks, and games to trade them for store credit. Follow the One Dollar Book Swap Facebook page to see hours, get a quote, and other details.


Books & Co.

Part of the nation’s third-largest book retailer, Books-A-Million, Books & Co. fulfills a promise to bring great literature to the community. Not only does this wonderful bookstore offer thousands of books for you to choose from, but they also host numerous book clubs, author visits and signings, and more. Check out the Books & Co. website for all the details.


University of Dayton Bookstore & Sinclair Bookstore

For students and faculty that live at our Kettering apartments, you have the option of shopping at the University of Dayton or Sinclair Bookstores. Both massive campus bookstores offer textbooks, supplies, school gear, and gifts—all representing your favorite local school. Head over to the respective websites to see what each campus bookstore has to offer.


Bell, Book, and Comic

Comic book lovers at Dovetree will be happy to know that Bell, Book, and Comic is just a 15-minute drive from your front door. This fun and unique establishment provides the local area with top-notch comics as well as a “haven for pop culture and gaming”. The owner, Peter Bell, is always on the lookout for rare finds and collectibles. The funky store also is a source for those that collect and trade gaming cards as well, hosting weekly events for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Visit the Bell, Book, and Comic website for events, gaming info, and more.


The Bookstore @ Antiques Village

A non-profit bookstore supporting Project READ is The Bookstore @ Antiques Village, just ten minutes from our apartments in Kettering. Here, you’ll find great books at great prices, supporting a fantastic cause. Most of their new and used books are sold for just $3, some even selling for a dollar. Visitors will be happy to know that once they find their new read, 100% of book sales proceeds support Project READ’s literacy programs. Learn more about the bookstore, as well as Project READ, on the non-profit’s website.


St. Mark Bookshop

Known as the premier Catholic bookshop in the Dayton area since 1963, the St. Mark Bookshop offers a wide array of books, Bibles, gifts, and other items. An Ohio non-profit oversees the bookshop’s operations and their mission is “to provide books, media, and gifts to inform, instruct and inspire the Catholic community of greater Dayton with personal, individualized service to fit the desires and needs of the customer.” Browse the inventory at the St. Mark Bookshop website.


Bookworms at Dovetree, rejoice! There’s no shortage of unique and interesting reads at all of the fun bookstores nearby. Stop by our West Carrollton apartments today to tour our spacious floorplans.


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