Connect with Nature at Cox Arboretum MetroPark

Did you know there is a treasure trove of natural health and wellness in Miamisburg?

Just 10 minutes away from our apartments in Miamisburg, you can escape to Cox Arboretum – one of the Five Rivers MetroParks and the perfect place to connect with nature.

Step outside, breathe fresh air, and soak in the sunshine. Spend some relaxing time in Cox’s nature environment, and reap all the healthy benefits like reducing stress, boosting your immune system, and lowering blood pressure. A few Saturday hours alone, or with friends, at the Cox Arboretum will help improve your mood, increase energy, and let your imagination run wild.

If you are ready to instantly feel better while being surrounded by natural beauty as far as your eyes can see, the 189-acre MetroPark is the place to be. Below is a list of things you can check off while visiting the Cox Arboretum.

A Birds-eye View

Be a kid again or bring your children and climb the magical Observation Tree Tower. The 81-step climb tops our list because it takes you 65 feet above the park for a spectacular, panoramic view of the Arboretum and the Miami Valley. Once you reach the top, prop up your feet and rest for a bit in the tree top terrace. If you rent one of our apartments in Miamisburg, you might even be able to see your home!

Butterfly House

Cox Arboretum is home to a living showcase of native Ohio moths and colorful butterflies. Stop by the Butterfly House in the peak hours of the day when the butterflies are most active. If you like what you see, take some of the magic home with you. On the tour, you will discover the best host plants to grow at
home to start your own butterfly garden.

Bell Children’s Maze

Watch from the overlook or join in the fun as parkgoers traverse a path through 1,175 boxwoods to the center of the Bell Children’s Maze. Children from ages 1 to 100 are welcome to take the challenge of finding the center. Good luck!

Learn something new

Just before entering the gardens and natural areas of the Arboretum, you’ll find a series of buildings that connect to a variety of educational activities. Stick around to learn more about horticulture, or plan a return visit and select from one of the many year-round programs, events, or workshops. Residents of our Miamisburg apartments love the events that keep them connected with the natural world around them.

Share time with your best friend

Man’s best friend is a welcome guest at Cox Arboretum. In fact, one of the fan-favorite employees is a working dog named Zipp. Zipp is in charge of Goose control, and he’s also really good at lounging. Dogs can access many of the park’s must-see highlights, and the only park requirement is to keep them safely on their leash.

Clear your mind with a walk

Let your thoughts go, and clear your mind by taking a half-mile walk on the Loop Path. The color-coded path leads you to favorite spots along the Arboretum. Take things a step farther and get your heart pumping by walking the 2.5 miles of trails through the natural areas, Conservation Corner, woodlands, and meadows. Or you can slow down and catch your breath and see how far you’ve come with a quick stop at the overlook in the Ruth Cummings Mead Woodland. While you are resting, soak in the scenic view of native woodlands and a beautiful ravine.

Grab a bite to eat

One fantastic element of Cox Arboretum is its edible landscape garden. Yes, you read that right, it’s edible and is referred to as the Food to Table area of the Arboretum. This edible garden contains a beautiful display of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Talk with the staff to learn which edibles are best for in-house or small potted gardens, and start your own edible garden. These plants are a great addition to the balconies and patios that our apartments in Miamisburg offer.

Take a walk on the wild side

The Woodland Wildflower Area sports a collection of native woodland wildflowers plus some non-native flowers that grow well with the native species.

See things you can’t see anywhere else

Cox Arboretum features a special area called Conservation Corner. Park staff meticulously manage multiple habitats in a 7-acre area, so plant species that marginally survive elsewhere can thrive here. Discover the beauty of tallgrass, prairies, and wetlands all in one stroll. This section of the Arboretum was created to help demonstrate the value of land stewardship and restoration.

Help a child be an environmental advocate

The Cox Arboretum offers many child-focused activities. And medical studies find that early contact with nature plays an important role in developing pro-environmental values. In addition to the health benefits mentioned earlier, connecting children with nature brings about unique benefits:

  • Increased self-esteem and resilience against stress and adversity
  • Improved concentration, learning, creativity, cognitive development, cooperation, flexibility and self-awareness
  • Prevention of childhood obesity

What’s your favorite part of nature? There’s a garden for that!

The Cox Arboretum is home to several unique gardens. Begin with the Rock Garden, a sloping garden of rocks and gravel covered with low-growing vegetation and Alpine plants. The plants come alive during the peak blooming season between April and May. Next, take a jaunt over to the Water Garden. There is a quietness and calming way about the peaceful water setting with water-loving plants, perennials, and shrub borders. Head to the Shrub Garden which displays hundreds of trees and shrubs that transform in color with each passing season. Wrap up the garden tour at the Iris Garden which features beautiful species of irises native to the Ohio area and the Eastern U.S.

The more you visit the Cox Arboretum and Five Rivers MetroParks, the more you will wish you could just live there. While that’s not quite possible, there are excellent options for living just minutes away.

New to the Miamisburg Area?

If you are new to the Miamisburg area or are thinking of moving within the area, why not rent a slice of luxury located just ten minutes from Cox Arboretum and Five Rivers MetroParks? The award-winning Hunters Chase Apartments are minutes from the Arboretum and are also conveniently close to entertainment and restaurants, as well as major highways. Schedule a tour to see why Hunters Chase is the ideal choice for apartments in Miamisburg, Ohio.

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