A couple enjoying one of the many tasty restaurants near our Scottsdale apartments.

Discover the 5 best restaurants in North Scottsdale

North Scottsdale, Arizona, is not only known for its stunning desert landscapes and luxurious resorts but also for its vibrant culinary scene. With a diverse range of dining options, this upscale neighborhood offers plenty of options that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. Explore the five best restaurants in North Scottsdale, where exceptional flavors, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service come together to create unforgettable dining experiences.


  1. Coconut’s Fish Cafe: Located in the heart of North Scottsdale, Coconut’s Fish Cafe transports you to a coastal paradise with its tantalizing seafood dishes. Renowned for their signature fish tacos, made with freshly grilled fish, crisp vegetables, and flavorful sauces, this Hawaiian-inspired eatery promises a taste of the islands. With an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and a laid-back atmosphere, Coconut’s Fish Cafe is the perfect spot for seafood aficionados and those seeking a tropical escape in the heart of the desert.
  2. The Capital Grille: For a refined and elegant dining experience, The Capital Grille stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. Known for its classic steakhouse ambiance and impeccable service, this upscale restaurant offers an impressive selection of dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a luxurious meal, The Capital Grille ensures an unforgettable evening with its world-class cuisine and attention to detail.
  3. Grassroots Kitchen & Tap – Scottsdale: At Grassroots Kitchen & Tap, comfort food takes center stage. This charming and cozy restaurant celebrates the rich flavors of American cuisine with a focus on farm-to-table ingredients. The menu features an array of dishes crafted with locally sourced produce and artisanal ingredients, including their famous fried chicken and buttery biscuits. With its warm ambiance and homestyle cooking, Grassroots Kitchen & Tap offers a comforting and satisfying dining experience that will make you feel right at home.
  4. True Food Kitchen: True Food Kitchen embraces a health-conscious approach without compromising on taste. This restaurant, founded on the principles of Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet, offers a menu filled with nutritious and flavorful options. From nutrient-packed salads and inventive vegetable dishes to sustainably sourced proteins, True Food Kitchen caters to a variety of dietary preferences. With its vibrant atmosphere and dedication to wholesome ingredients, this establishment is perfect for those seeking a refreshing and nourishing meal.
  5. Roaring Fork: Nestled in the heart of North Scottsdale, Roaring Fork combines rustic charm with Southwestern flair. This unique restaurant showcases an inventive fusion of American and Southwest cuisines, resulting in bold and flavorful dishes. From their famous cedar-planked salmon to the fork-tender rotisserie chicken, Roaring Fork delivers a tantalizing blend of smoky flavors and sophisticated techniques. With its warm and inviting ambiance, the restaurant provides a memorable dining experience for both locals and visitors.


North Scottsdale, Arizona, is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking extraordinary culinary experiences. From the seasonal delights at True Food Kitchen to the elegant dining of The Capital Grille, each are local favorite waiting to be discovered. When you live at our luxury apartments in Scottsdale you have plenty of food options to choose from.

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