2023 DIY decor trends to make your Las Colinas Apartment your own.

2023 DIY decor trends you must try at our Las Colinas apartments

Thanks to TikTok and other social media outlets, it’s so easy to find the latest trending ideas for home decor and other projects. When you move into our Las Colinas luxury apartments, you’re walking into a blank slate for you to decorate and add your own personal touch. And instead of spending a fortune on expensive store-bought items, why not make your own pieces of decor? Here are some fun DIY decor trends of 2023 that will completely transform your home at Allura Las Colinas.


DIY Canvas Wall Art

In Alithea Castillo’s viral TikTok video with over 7 million views, she shows how to make a stunning piece of wall art using canvases and fabric plaster. It’s dramatic, beautiful, and very budget-friendly. On TikTok’s #diywallart page, with a whopping 26 million views, you’ll also find framed peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks like museum-worthy art, gorgeously textured canvases, sponge paint hacks, and lots, lots more.


Eco-Conscious Decorating

It’s so easy to transform a boring or plain piece of furniture into something eye-catching that displays your unique personal style. Give an old piece of furniture a quick boost by simply using some paint, search the thrift store for candle holders or antique pieces, and shine them up with some silver or brass polish, or check out stores like IKEA that offer decor pieces that won’t break the bank. With just a little creativity, the options are endless!


Bold Statement Kitchens

One trend that is shining through this year is having a bold, statement-making kitchen. The stark white, minimalist kitchens are a thing of the past. Instead, find peel-and-stick wallpapers to create bold backsplashes, pick counter decor that is bright and colorful, and find faux stone to cover your countertops (don’t worry, it’s easy to remove!).


Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Who doesn’t want to feel like they have their very own spa in their home? TikTok user Sousa shared a video with over two million views on how to transform a basic bathroom into one that will feel like your own home-based oasis. Using wooden panels, calm lighting, and a lush plant wall, you’d think you spent a fortune on the decor when you really didn’t at all. Most bathrooms don’t have windows, so adding plants creates an element of the outdoors inside.


1970s Influences

Even though it’s 2023, the 1970s are playing a huge influence in design styles when it comes to home decor. Look for retro-style furniture at thrift stores, bright colored paints, and warm wood tones. Another great DIY project to create a retro look is to make your own macrame wall hanging or plant hanger.


Trends are always changing, but these DIY decor projects and ideas are sure to be something that you’ll find timeless. Get inspiration by touring our spacious and luxurious floor plans at Allura Las Colinas today.

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