The Oregon District Victims Relief Fund

On Sunday, August 4th, a mass shooting took the lives of nine victims and injured dozens in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio.

The Connor Group is raising $250,000 to help victims of this tragic shooting and their loved ones.  We’ve launched the Oregon District Victims Relief Fund aimed at helping victims and loved ones of the deceased.

“Dayton is our home,” said Connor Group founder and managing partner Larry Connor.  “And one of our company’s core values is ‘do the right thing.’  When you put together those two factors, we feel we have an obligation to help the people who were most affected by this tragedy.”

We are donating the first $100,000 to the Oregon District Victims Relief Fund.   We are asking Dayton businesses, investors, and community partners to join us and donate.  Money raised will help those victims who were hospitalized overnight or longer, as well as the families of the deceased.

“We are confident we will reach our goal of $250,000 for this fund, and help these victims of this violence, hoping to ease financial burdens they may face in the weeks and months ahead,” Connor said.

Fill out the form below and click “Donate!” to be forwarded to the donation website:

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