Residents at our Mason apartments won’t want to miss Kings Island Halloween Haunt

It’s spooky season – which means it’s time to get creepy. Scares, thrills, haunts, and chills await the residents of our Mason apartments at Kings Island Halloween Haunt. Located just over a ten-minute drive from Wellington Place, Halloween Haunt has been voted “Best Theme Park Halloween Event” in the country by USA Today.

Kings Island transforms on Friday and Saturday nights through October 30, 2021, into super scary mazes, terrifying scare zones, horrifying live entertainment, and wicked creatures throughout the entire park. Halloween Haunt is not recommended for visitors younger than 13 (aside from attractions and shows) – so leave the little ones at home.

Learn a bit more about this eerie, one-of-a-kind event and all its events and activities.



C.H.A.O.S. – Step inside C.H.A.O.S. Labs where you’ll be a human test subject in this indoor maze located at Coney Mall. Be careful, the side effects can be deadly.

Cornered – Watch out! The farmers at this cornfield aren’t fond of trespassers. Located on International Street, this outdoor maze might make you a permanent part of the crop.

KillMart – Shopping for supplies after the apocalypse can be dangerous. You know, now that there are zombies and everything. Find this terrifying indoor maze at Coney Mall.

Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror – Located in Rivertown, this indoor maze is a ‘world-renowned wax museum’…but beware of the characters – not everything is what it seems.

Slaughter House – Head on down to this horrifying butcher shop where they’re slashing more than just prices. Find this indoor maze in Rivertown.


Scare Zones

Coney Maul – Step right up to a carnival-gone-wrong. Guests will witness ghastly terrors and horrors under this big top. Located in the Coney Mall, be careful or you may never find your way out.

International Street Fear – There are doomed souls, mysterious creatures, and other-worldly beings lurking around every corner of this International Street ‘Fear’ located on International Street.

Pumpkin Eater – Wander this spooky town that is haunted by Pumpkin Eater. He could be hiding in the dark or he could send one of his demons after you. Join the townspeople at Rivertown.

Shipwrecked – Stroll the ports with merchants, seafarers, fishermen…and pirates – even Blackbeard himself. And these ghostly pirates will be sure that they’ll get their treasure before you leave. Find it in the Action Zone.



Drums of the Dead – Celebrating Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, this explosive performance is one that can’t be missed. Drums, costumes, and lighting all come together for a dark and trance-like routine. Suitable for families.

Monster Rock – All of your favorite classic rock hits will be performed on stage by monsters, zombies, and ghouls. Rock out to songs from Journey, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and more. Suitable for families.


Attractions – All of Kings Island’s thrilling attractions are still available for you to get an adrenaline rush of a different kind. The Banshee, Delirium, Orion, Drop Tower, Invertigo, and all of your other heart-pounding favorites are all open during Halloween Haunt. Visit the website for a full list of attractions.


For tickets and other details to this frightful Halloween event, visit the Kings Island Halloween Haunt website. And before you go, stop by our Mason townhomes to see why you should call Wellington Place your home.




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