Downsize in Luxury at Our Wheaton Apartments – Here Are 8 Steps to Help You Get Started

No matter if you’re retiring, you’ve had a change in income, your kids have flown the coop, or you’re experiencing some other life change – downsizing is a life choice that many Americans are making. At our Wheaton apartments, you can be assured that what you’re giving up in square-footage, you’re gaining in luxury and amenities.

Wheaton 121 offers its tenants a wide-array of floor plans ranging from studios to three-bedrooms – so, whether you’re making big changes or small, you’re sure to find a unit that is perfect for you. Of course, any sort of move requires careful thought and planning. And if you’re downsizing – even more so. Here are 8 tips and suggestions that can make the downsizing process just a little bit easier.

1. Set aside things that you frequently use, need, or like to look at

Whatever you plan on bringing into your smaller home, be sure that it truly brings you joy. Identify the items you have that bring you genuine happiness and let go of the things that are simply “there”. Also, keep in mind that you are worth all that “good stuff” that you own. Many people often tuck away the nice and expensive items to save for special occasions. When you’re downsizing, it’s time to get rid of the chipped mugs and dirty dish towels and finally break out that box of nice kitchenware and china you’ve been hiding. You’re worth the good stuff! And, really – isn’t every day a special occasion?

2. Give gifts with no strings attached

Over time, people tend to build-up collections of knick-knacks, closets full of clothes, and attics piled with boxes of ‘stuff’. When you’re downsizing, use this time as an excuse to give away the items you don’t use as gifts. And even more importantly? Don’t question where it went or what the receiver will do with the item. It will allow you to let go of the possessions without holding onto them subconsciously. Or you can try selling your unwanted items online using bidding sites such as eBay or Let Go, or post an ad on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You might make a nice profit too. It’s true what they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

3. Start thinking about your move/downsizing early

After decades of acquiring items and goods, downsizing can feel like a daunting process. So, before you make your move into our Wheaton apartments, make sure to give yourself time to think about what you’ll be keeping and what you’ll be getting rid of. Instead of rushing to move out in a couple of weeks and inadvertently getting rid of items you didn’t mean to, allow yourself a month or so in order to go through each room of your current home, giving each item its deserved attention and thought.

4. Make it a point to stop acquiring things

It might sound like an obvious tip but when you’re downsizing, it’s best not to buy anything new unless it’s totally necessary. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can never buy new things or items for your home, but you should make a new rule for yourself when you move into Wheaton 121 – for each new item you buy, an old item has to go.

5. Take inventory and get rid of duplicates

You might not realize it, but it’s possible that you have duplicate items scattered all around your home – especially in the kitchen. Take the time to go through your home and make note of any items you have duplicates or multiples of. For example, is it necessary to have 3 or 4 spatulas? Do you plan on using all 8 of those wine glasses at a time, or can you downsize to 4? You can apply this same tactic to your food pantry and spice cabinet as well.

6. If there isn’t a designated place in the new home – it doesn’t go

At your new Wheaton apartment, you might not have the same garage or office space that you once had. Or perhaps the large armoire in your current home won’t fit in the new space. Things that are currently in those places will need to be re-designated – that could mean that they’re sold, donated, or relocated to other rooms. The items in these rooms are often good for garage sales or consignment shops. For example, lightly used office and patio furniture are more valuable than old dressers or sofas.

7. Turn collections into sentimental items

Many of us tend to have collections of things – mugs, shot glasses, snow globes, figurines, whatever the item may be. However, when you’re downsizing, it’s just not logical to bring all 47 shot glasses with you to your new apartment. Instead, go through your collections and pick the three or four items that are your favorite to look at or think about. For collectors, they’re often given gifts of items for their collection, and even though you may or may not like the gift – you hold onto it anyway out of guilt. When you’re downsizing, it’s time to finally let go of those ‘guilt gifts’ and either re-gift them, sell them, or donate them.

8. Don’t over-save and over-keep for the next generation

Often times, people like to hold onto furniture, art, jewelry, and other items so that they can pass them down to children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. The bottom line? Stop doing that. You might think it’s worth keeping that bedroom set in storage to give to your granddaughter in the future – but right now? She’s only 12. Instead of wasting money on storage units on those items, put the money into a bank account for her instead. Then, when she reaches a certain age, you can gift her with the money and she can buy the bedroom set of her dreams. Chances are (whether you want to admit it or not), they don’t want your old stuff.

Overwhelmed? Consult a Pro

Downsizing can be overwhelming. Change is never easy, but luckily there are companies that are here to help. Downsizing by Design is a local company that specializes in helping people through the downsizing process every step of the way. Starting off with a free consultation the downsizing experts at Downsizing by Design will create a plan tailored to your situation, helping you with everything from sorting, packing and unpacking, floor planning, move-in day coordination, and more.

Downsize in style at our Wheaton apartments

Downsizing into an apartment from a larger condo or house can feel stressful and anxiety-inducing. Using these tips and suggestions can help ease some of that tension. And when you arrive at Wheaton 121 will take care of the rest. Book your tour of our Wheaton apartments today.

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