Easy indoor DIY projects to make your apartment feel more like a home

Every unit at our Mallard Creek apartments is spacious and luxurious. With 9-foot ceilings available, garden soaking tubs, and bay windows, each apartment is its own private sanctuary. And when you first move in, you have a beautiful blank slate to start with – the perfect canvas to create your own “home.” To help you transform your apartment into your own oasis, here are some fun DIY projects to give it that comfy and cozy feel.


Paint a welcome mat

Before you or any guests walk into your home, why not greet them with something beautiful? Sarah Hearts has a super easy and super fun project to turn a boring, plain welcome mat into something personal, bright, and welcoming. The best part? It can be done on a budget too!


Create a statement wall

As mentioned before, your new apartment is your blank slate. Personalize it and add a bit of pizazz by painting one wall a bright and bold color. Paint can be expensive, but if you pick a small wall, either by an entry way or near a window, you can save yourself some money. Keep an eye out for deals at your local hardward store.


Turn your headboard into boho beautiful

If you’re into neutral colors and that bohemian vibe, then you’ll absolutely love this DIY project from The Beauty Revival. All you’ll need to do is find some weathered wood and wrap it with frayed, textured cotton fabric. It will look like you paid a pretty penny for your gorgeous headboard when, really, you kept it on a budget!


Customize a mirror or three

Hanging mirrors in smaller areas can give the illusion of a bigger space. And while store-bought mirrors are great at and all…do they really encompass your personality? With Sugar and Cloth’s DIY project, they explain how to make a statement mirror by using paint, beads, and other fun ideas. Not to mention, you’ll own something that is completely one-of-a-kind.


Washi Tape your wall or backsplash

Another great way to add design, texture, and pops of color to your home at our Mallard Creek apartments is to use the incredible Washi Tape. If you’re unfamiliar with this magical product, it’s definitely worth a Google. This colorful and long-lasting (but non-damaging) tape can be used to create cool geometric designs and shapes on a wall or a kitchen backsplash. Here’s some inspo.


Make a collage wall

A super easy way to make your apartment feel more like a home is hanging photos and art that remind of you of the people and places that you love. Find funky frames from thrift shops and create a gallery or collage wall with your favorite pieces. Every time you look at it – you’ll smile. And so will all your friends and family that come and visit.


You’ll love so many things about living at Greenway at Mallard Creek. Stop by and envision yourself in your new home today.

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