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Dublin City Schools – Award-winning education surrounds our apartments in Dublin

If you have kids, living at Sycamore Ridge is hard to beat. We have the best schools and the safest, kid-friendly neighborhoods.

School districts are especially important for families with kids. Sycamore Ridge is in the Dublin City School District, which is ranked the third best school district in Ohio. That’s a big deal!

The Dublin school district is loved by students, teachers, and parents alike for meeting all student needs, having incredible academics, having stellar clubs and activities, and appropriately preparing students for college and careers. If your family lives at our luxury apartments in Dublin, Ohio rest assured your children will have a fantastic educational experience.

How do Dublin City Schools measure up?

The Dublin City School District is long-celebrated for its quality of education. Ranked just third of 608 schools in Ohio, it’s hands-down among the best public schools in the state. And that’s not all! Dublin schools are ranked fourth for “best places to teach in Ohio” and fourth for “safest school districts in Ohio”. If you send your kids to Dublin City Schools, they will enjoy fabulous teachers and a safe, nurturing environment.

Of the 19 schools (including elementary, middle, and high schools) in the Dublin school district, every single school is ranked either A or A+ by (To learn more about Niche, go to their website to discover how they come up with their assessments.)

Dublin Schools have an average graduation rate of 98 percent, with 81 percent of students being proficient in math, and 77 percent proficient in reading. Students in Dublin get plenty of one-on-one attention as well. The student to teacher ratio is 20 to 1, so there’s plenty of teachers to go around.

A wonderful world of extra-curricular activities

Dublin High Schools have an incredible roster of extracurricular activities that are sure to help your children grow into well-rounded, knowledgeable adults. There’s something for everyone, including Art Club, French/ German/Japanese/Spanish Club, Environmental Club, Business Professionals of America, Future Teachers of America, Interact (a community service organization), Magic Club (where kids can learn and perform magic tricks!), Medical Club, Programming Club, Model UN, Ski Club, Free Diving Club, Women in Engineering, Psychology Club, Feats of Clay, and many more.

Clearly, you can see that extracurriculars at Dublin Schools go far beyond the typical sports and performing arts roster of most other schools (and Dublin has these as well, of course!)

What the students think

All the rankings in the world don’t matter if your kids don’t enjoy their school experience. Here at Dublin City Schools, you can rest assured that students love going to school here. Here are some words directly from the kids.

A senior who recently graduated from Dublin City Schools says, “I’ve loved the majority of the teachers I’ve had through this school district – they were kind, funny, compassionate, and willing to help their students. The high schools offer tons of options for electives so every student can customize their high school experience according to their own interests.”

An Alum says, “I received a great education in Dublin! I had teachers who really cared and wanted us to succeed. The schools had high standards that really prepared students for college.”

A junior at one of the Dublin High Schools says, “Dublin City Schools are probably one of the best in the nation. It’s the safest environment where each student is able to focus on their education. It offers IB and AP courses. The teachers are very nice and help you whenever you’re needed. We have many sponsored clubs as well. One of the most important and nice thing about Dublin City Schools is the diversity. We have a lot of people from a lot of different ethnic backgrounds. Being a recent immigrant myself, Dublin City Schools offered me the greatest opportunities to grow and achieve the American Dream everyone desires to achieve. The students are very helpful.”

No matter who you are or where you come from, your children will be welcomed with open arms at Dublin City Schools. It’s a great environment where every student matters and every student is led to success.

A student’s well-being matters at Dublin City Schools

Speaking of happy kids, the Dublin City School District has many initiatives in place to foster a physically and mentally healthy environment for their students. They are serious about fostering the entire student, rejecting the idea of focusing only on grades.

Mental health services are provided in every school building. Kids can receive support from a trusted school counselor, a student support specialist, or even a clinician. Go to the Dublin City Schools website to discover a list of educational books and other resources for parents who want more information on how to raise resilient, healthy kids.

These schools don’t just care about your child’s grades and mental health, but they foster a healthy environment for the entire community, including their physical health and wellness. The schools even have a “Simply Healthy Employee Wellness Program”, which ensures healthy, happy teachers and staff. This is essential because happy teachers lead to happy students! No wonder teachers love working at Dublin City Schools.


Sycamore Ridge apartments in Dublin offer a calm, peaceful, and safe place to raise your children, no matter their age. They offer a chance to send your kids to the best schools in the state, if not the entire country. With its beautifully laid-out units, balconies, rolling green lawns, and pet-friendly apartments, Sycamore Ridge is a great choice for the entire family.

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