Endless fun and entertainment at local attractions near our Las Colinas apartments

Looking for something to do next weekend? Or maybe you have a guest visiting who’s never been to Dallas? Whenever you’re looking for a bit of fun and adventure while learning about Dallas’ incredible culture – there are some one-of-a-kind local attractions that are just a quick drive from our Las Colinas apartments.

Dallas is filled to the brim with interesting history, amazing and talented artists, and gorgeous outdoor spaces. Residents of Allura Las Colinas will have a blast exploring their city at some of these unique local attractions.

Gas Monkey Garage

For fans of fast cars and vintage hot rods, you’ll probably want to make a stop at the Gas Monkey Garage. With a show on the Discovery Channel called Fast N’ Loud, the Gas Monkey Garage mechanics are known for renovating some of the coolest, fastest hot rods around. You and your friends can visit the garage and take a look at some of their current inventory, buy some merchandise, and feel like you’re part of the show – and it’s less than 4 miles from our apartments in Las Colinas. Visit the website for details.

Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill – Now known as Amplified

Still haven’t had enough Gas Monkey? Or maybe you’re just hungry and thirsty. Either way – you’re going to want to visit Amplified. This full-service restaurant, bar, and music venue is the perfect destination for both food and entertainment. Their menu is a take on Texas classics – from burgers to tacos. Not to mention a full bar with over 30 beers on tap. Live music is also back in action with shows being scheduled regularly. Check the event calendar, view the menu, and make a reservation on the Amplified website.

The Mustangs of Las Colinas Museum and Sculpture

Visitors from all over the world to come and see The Mustangs of Las Colinas Sculpture and the adjacent free museum. The breathtaking bronze sculpture by Robert Glen is of nine galloping wild mustangs making their way over a stream. The group of mustangs was made at 1.5 times life-size and they represent the wild mustangs that were once important habitants of the state of Texas. Currently closed for renovations, there is a free museum near the sculpture which explains the history of both the mustangs and sculpture. Visit the website for updates and more information.

Mandalay Canals

Charming, whimsical, and very unique to Las Colinas, the Mandalay Canals are a must-visit. Connecting with the waters of Lake Carolyn, the Mandalay Canals were inspired by the canals of Venice. They wind through scenic views of cute vine-covered bridges and waterfalls, as well as restaurants, shops, and hotels. Of course, a trip through the Mandalay Canals wouldn’t be complete without a ride in an authentic European gondola. Opt for a romantic dinner cruise where you’ll practice the Italian tradition of giving a kiss as you glide under the bridges. There is also a 3-mile cobblestone walkway that stretches around the lake and through the canals. Learn more about all the sights, restaurants, and water activities here.

Mercury Radio Arts

Mercury Radio Arts is a multimedia production company launched by Glenn Beck and the current headquarters building is quite an iconic landmark. Long known as The Studios of Las Colinas, the Mercury Studios Building was a production site for famous movies and TV shows such as Robocop, Silkwood, and Walker Texas Ranger. Learn more about Mercury Radio Arts and the notable building here.

Irving Arts Center

In just a short 10-minute drive from our Las Colinas apartments, you’ll find yourself at the Irving Arts Center. The impressive 10-acre complex has two fully-equipped theaters, four galleries, a sculpture garden, and classroom facilities. Connect with art, music, theater, and culture during your visit while you explore the ever-changing exhibits from artists around the globe. In addition to displaying art, the Irving Arts Center is also home to ten resident art organizations. Visit the website for hours, exhibits, and other programs.

Fun awaits minutes from our Las Colinas apartments

You don’t have to drive very far from our apartments in Las Colinas to find something fun and entertaining to do. And these are just a few of the local options! Before making a stop at one of these awesome attractions, be sure to take a tour of Allura Las Colinas and see why so many people love calling it ‘home’.

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