Try these fun DIY projects at your apartment home at McCauly Crosing.

Fun DIY projects to try when you live at our West Chester apartments

Decorating your apartment can be spendy. Shopping for wall art, furniture, throw pillows, and knick-knacks can really drain your bank account. Luckily, for residents of our apartments in West Chester who like to get crafty, there are lots of DIY ways to decorate your home on a budget. Here are some beautiful DIY decor ideas and projects to decorate your home at McCauly Crossing.


Use Wooden Crates For A Rustic Chic Look

As “boring” as they may seem, wooden crates are one of the most versatile items when it comes to DIY projects. If you’re into that farmhouse-style vibe, wooden crates can be used for practically anything. Stack them to create a TV stand with open storage, use them to make a base for your mattress, or hang them on the wall for a rustic-style shelf—the ideas are practically endless.


Create a Memory-Inducing Collage Wall

A super easy way to make your apartment feel more like a home is hanging photos and art that remind of you of the people, places, and moments you love. Find funky frames from thrift shops or the dollar store and create a gallery or collage wall with your favorite pieces. You can even spray paint them to make them your own. Every time you look at the wall – you’ll smile. And so will all your friends and family that come and visit.


Display Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Sconces hung in the hallway with candles or twinkly LED lights can create such a warm and welcoming vibe in your home, but buying them can be expensive. Make your own for our apartments in West Chester by using scrap wood, a mason jar, twine, faux flowers, and a hook. Secure the hook to a piece of scrap wood then hang the mason jar using some twine. You can either place a flameless candle inside along with faux flowers – or LED fairy lights look great too.


Hang a Cluster of Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in smaller areas can give the illusion of a bigger space. And while store-bought mirrors are great at and everything…do they really encompass your personality? Head to the thrift store or garage sales to find unique mirrors, then make a statement mirror by using paint, beads, and other fun ideas. Not to mention, you’ll own something that is completely one-of-a-kind. When you hang a few together, it will open up your home and really make it eye-catching.


Use Chalkboard Paint to Show Off Your Creativity

Chalkboard paint is a super fun way to turn a wall or hanging wall art into a functional and fun piece of decor. Offered at your local hardware or paint store, you can use it to paint a kitchen wall and and then keep track of grocery lists or let your little ones create works of art. It’s such a fun and affordable way to decorate. You can also use it to paint a canvas and simply hang on a wall with a cute drawing or to-do list.


Decorating your home at our apartments in West Cheser doesn’t have to break your bank account when you have great DIY ideas like these. Stop by McCauly Crossing today to tour our stunning property and spacious floor plans.

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