Get your daily steps in near Reserve at Canyon Creek apartments at these top attractions

Making your well-being, health, and fitness a priority is more important than ever. When you live at our apartment on Vance Jackson, not only can you make these things a priority, but you can also incorporate art, culture, and exploration into them as well. With fun and unique attractions within a short distance from Reserve at Canyon Creek, you’ll have a blast visiting each one – while getting in those steps!


San Antonio Aquarium

Come and experience life under the sea (and on land too!) with thousands of species and fun interactive exhibits at the San Antonio Aquarium. Open since 2014, this unique aquarium lets you learn about the interesting animals that live both below sea level and above. Feed fish, touch stingrays, and even pet a sloth. The fun and learning are nearly endless. Visit the San Antonio Aquarium website for ticket information, hours, exhibits, and more.


Brackenridge Park

Located just below the headwaters of the San Antonio River, Brackenridge Park has been visited by humans for over 12,000 years. Now one of San Antonio’s most beloved attractions, this 343-acre park has gorgeous tree-lined paths that span 2.2 miles of the river. Guests will find playgrounds, the Witte Museum, San Antonio Zoo, a mini train, historic buildings, and even the oldest municipal golf course in Texas. Visit the Brackenridge Park website for a list of all the park’s amenities, history, and more.



Known for being the home of the Tower of Americas, Hemisfair Park is an urban park located in downtown San Antonio at the original site of the World Fair of 1968. The 40-acre district has a long list of fun and active amenities that include a splash pad, giant chess and checkers, ping pong tables, net climber, gardens, and more. Hemisfair is also the host of many festivals, concerts, and events throughout the year as well. Head over to the Hemisfair website for all the details.


San Antonio River Walk

The #1 attraction in all of Texas is just a short drive from Reserve at Canyon Creek – the San Antonio River Walk. Relax, play, and explore as you walk the gorgeous riverside paths that pass nature, museums, shops, restaurants, and recreation along the way. Not only will you find fun and entertainment any time or day you walk the path, keep an eye out for concerts, festivals, events, and more. Check out the official San Antonio River Walk website for calendars, trip planners, and more.


Japanese Tea Garden

With a glorious history of over 90 years, the Japanese Tea Garden is a must-visit for any San Antonio resident. Starting out as a rock quarry, this stunning site is now home to gardens, walkways, stone arch bridges, an island, and a Japanese Pavilion. Stroll the paths as you take in the lush gardens, koi ponds, and even a 60-foot waterfall. Be sure to stop into the Jingu House Café for an authentic Japanese meal after you’re done exploring. Visit the website for all of the information you need.


The Grotto

One of the most magnificent stops on the San Antonio River is The Grotto. Created by Carlos Cortes, craggy faces are carved into cave-like walls with surreal waterfalls and whimsical stalagmites and stalactites. Walk the grounds as you take in the awe and glory of his beautifully religious dedication. Head to The Grotto’s website for videos, photos, and more info.


San Antonio Botanical Garden

Another one of San Antonio’s top attractions is the San Antonio Botanical Garden. The 38-acre park is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon when you want to take a walk in nature. Each season will offer visitors something different, with different gardens and flora in bloom. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as you wander the paths and visit different exhibits. See what’s currently in bloom at the San Antonio Botanical Garden website.


San Antonio Zoo

An easy and fun way to get your steps in is to do it while seeing exotic and unique animals at the San Antonio Zoo. In addition to getting up close and personal with animals from around the world, you can also go behind the scenes to feed kangaroos and giraffes, ride on the zoo train, or take an interesting class. Not to mention, the zoo hosts lots of awesome concerts and events throughout the year as well. Head to the website for ticket info, events, and all the info you need.


Combining fun and fitness has never been easier when you live at our Northwest San Antonio apartments Stop by Reserve at Canyon Creek today and tour our spacious and luxurious floor plans.

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