Healthy living is made easy at our Charlotte apartments

Taking care of our mental and physical well-being is more important than ever these days. For residents of our Charlotte, NC apartments, we provide you with access to a 24-hour fitness center with weights, spin bikes, and yoga equipment, as well as a resort-style swimming pool.

Here are some delicious and healthy places to grab some food, relaxing spas to unwind, and studios to get your heart rate up—all within a short distance from our Charlotte apartments.

Healthy Restaurants and Cafes

Rico’s Açai

Acai bowls are a nutrient-packed meal that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, post-gym, or…whatever you’d like really. Rico’s Acai is a quick 10-minute walk from your front door and their menu is filled with incredibly tasty acai bowl options. Try their Rainbow Bowl with acai, banana, granola, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and raspberries, or the Butter Bro Bowl with banana, almond butter, Nutella, and hemp seeds. View their full menu and order online through Rico’s website.


Massive and delicious salads and bowls are what you’ll find on Chopt’s menu. At this mouthwatering eatery, you’ll find an impressive collection of bowls and salads that are chock-full of super yummy and healthy ingredients. Try the Havana Bowl with warm grains or cauliflower rice, roasted chicken, plantains, and black beans, or a Santa Fe salad with avocado, tomato, pepperjack, corn, and crispy shallots. All of their bowls and salads are topped with their famously delicious dressings. View the menu and order online through Chopt’s website.

Get Fit Foods

No time? On a budget? Still want to eat healthy? Get Fit Foods is here for you. This incredibly convenient service will deliver fresh and healthy meals right to your door. Creating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, all you need to do is place your order online, and they’ll deliver all of the meals to your door within an hour. No grocery shopping, no cooking, no cleaning. Choose from options like a breakfast burrito, Caribbean jerk chicken, turkey meatloaf, and protein brownies. Browse all of their meal options and order through the Get Fit Foods website.

Pure Pizza

Serving up farm-to-fork pizza, Pure Pizza is serving up pies that are made with locally sourced, organic, and fresh ingredients. Their main menu boasts traditional options like a Margherita or a pepperoni supreme, but their options don’t stop there. Pure Pizza serves sandwiches, salads, and calzones—plus, they have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus as well. Visit their website to look at all menus and to place your order online.

Gyms and Fitness Studios

Okra Yoga

Creating an environment in which everyone is welcome, Okra aims to offer yoga, wellness classes, and massage therapy to the local community. They also provide private healing sessions and a relaxing tea and coffee lounge. From beginners taking their first class to yogis with years of experience, Okra has classes fit for every skill level. Soothe tension with a full-body massage or learn about the benefits of essential oils through a workshop. Okra is available to help you meet all of your wellness needs. Visit their website for class schedules and other details.


Another amazing place not too far from our Charlotte, NC apartments is the all-encompassing wellness center of Flex5. Flex5 is your one-stop-shop for all things fitness and wellness. Here, guests have access to individual wellness coaching, meal prep, Rolfing, chiropractic care, infrared sauna therapy, and psychotherapy. No matter your mental or physical wellness goals—Flex5 can customize a plan to help you reach your goals. Visit their website to see the full scope of their services.

Health and Wellness Spas

True REST Float Spa

Disconnect from the stresses of the world and drift into weightless bliss at True REST Float Spa. At this unique spa, you’ll enter a tank filled with body-temperature water containing 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts—causing you to float effortlessly. Relaxing in a pitch-black tank, eliminating the forces of gravity, you can close your eyes and drift off into pure relaxation for an hour at a time. Stress, tension, and pain can lessen or disappear with extended treatments. Visit their website to make an appointment and learn more about the process.

Palestra Boutique Spa

Relax and pamper yourself with every spa treatment imaginable at Palestra Boutique Spa. At this peacefully luxurious spa, guests can treat themselves to massage, body treatments, facial treatments, waxing, and high-tech skin treatments like LED light therapy and microdermabrasion. They also offer customized spa packages to help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Book an appointment and view a menu of all of their services via the Palestra Boutique Spa website.


Taking care of yourself—both inside and out—should always be a priority in your life. When you live at one of our Charlotte apartments, taking care of yourself is made easy. Whether you’re swimming laps at the pool or sweating during hot yoga down the street—you have options. Book a tour of our Charlotte, NC apartments today.

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