Entrepreneur Experience

The Connor Group Entrepreneurial Experience is an opportunity for small business owners and non-profit leaders to learn from an organization that has grown from $0 to $3.7 billion in assets and been recognized nationally as a top workplace.

During the all-expenses-paid three-day experience, tentatively scheduled for late October or early November, participants will shadow one of our top regional heads. They’ll also learn about topics of their choosing during interactive sessions run by department heads who are experts in their fields.

If you’re interested in learning more about the way The Connor Group manages people, makes decisions, raises money, builds culture, recruits, trains and more, fill out the brief form below.

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Managing people
Managing sales
Leveraging debt
Developing systems
Planning strategically
Raising money
Using analytics
Optimizing search engine results
Recruiting and interviewing
Leading meetings
Controlling expenses
Calculating non-profit return on investment
Developing/selling technology
Failure and mistakes
Problems and solutions
Connor Group culture
Structuring compensation packages
Profit-and-loss analysis