LEGOLAND: The Ultimate Family Attraction

When you’ve got kids, the volume in life turns up a notch. At all of our apartments in Atlanta, we have everything you need to keep your kids happy and active. In addition to our spacious kid-friendly floor plans, we have pools where kids can swim in the summertime, and unbeatable locations close to parks, libraries, and close to everything Atlanta has to offer.

But what your kids will love the most about living at one of our apartments in Atlanta is that your new home is only minutes away from none other than the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Here, kids of all ages can play and learn around their favorite toys – LEGOs!

Take A Lego Factory Tour

Kids of all ages can learn how their favorite bricks are made at the Lego Factory Tour! Learn how they make their LEGO bricks in so many different colors and sizes. This is sure to boggle your kid’s minds, as they will get an insider’s glimpse into LEGO creation and manufacturing. They’ll get a chance to see the huge silos holding the tiny granules of plastic that become LEGO bricks, how pipes carry the plastic over to molding machines, and how each LEGO brick is molded.

In fact, this factory tour is so cool that you might get as big of a kick out of it as your seven-year-old.

Duplo Village For Youngsters

Younger kids ages 2 – 5 will love the Duplo Village where they can climb around giant-sized Duplo bricks. Featuring a play slide, large animal models, and plenty of DUPLO bricks to climb around, your toddlers will feel like they shrunk to be smaller than their toys! According to LEGO, “DUPLO bricks are twice the size of standard LEGO bricks, making them a great way to develop key learning skills at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta!” (Also, what kid doesn’t want to climb all over giant LEGOs?)

Start Your Engines, Little Racers!

Kids can build their own racecar out of LEGOs and then race them at the Build & Test zone. Race your LEGO car on a test track and see if your car can get the quickest time. This will encourage young kids to think about how they can build their LEGO racecar to roll faster. Maybe they’ll swap out the front end, choose different LEGO tires, or try to make the lightest-weight car they can. This exercise is sure to get their little minds “racing”, and is sure to get them in the friendly spirit of competition!

LEGOLAND Even has a Ride!

Kids who are 90 cm tall can ride on Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, where they can drift through Merlin’s magical potions chamber on giant LEGOs (in fact, the whole thing is made out of LEGOs.) Riders pedal the cart in order to go faster through the ride to reach the stars!

A Perfect Place for Pirates of All Ages.

Game over: there’s a giant pirate play area where your kids can sail their own LEGO Pirate ship on a large water table, activate air cannons, climb through rigging, walk the plank, capture the flag, and more. This is the perfect place for kids to jump around with their siblings and friends, pretending to be pirates.

LEGO 4D Cinema

If you haven’t seen the LEGO Movie yet, you’re in for a treat! LEGOs hit the big screen at the LEGOLAND 4D Cinema, where you can experience each film in an immersive, 4D experience.

Movies include Spellbreaker, CHIMATM, Clutchpowers, LEGO NEXO Knights 4D: The Book of Creativity, The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure, Emmet, Wyldstyle, Benny, MetalBeard and Unikitty are back in The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure, a 4D movie, showing only at LEGOLAND Discovery Center! Just beware: these are films your kids will beg you to see over and over again. (Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!)


Did you think you could ever see Atlanta as a LEGO City? Well, now you can! The local area comes to miniature LEGO life at this miniature city made out of 4.5 million LEGO bricks. Kids can get a real sense of how a city would look if it was made out of LEGOs, complete with little moving cars, buses, and trains to add an element of realism.

A Great Idea for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

What kid doesn’t want to have a LEGO themed birthday party? Here at LEGOLAND, each kid can have a birthday to remember. You can invite up to 40 guests, including parents and kids (but you don’t have to invite that many.)

If you’re down for a good time, book the All-Inclusive Party Package, which includes exclusive access to the Birthday Party Room, a $15 LEGO Shop Gift Card for the birthday child, Full admission to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta, including all rides and attractions, 6 pizzas for all party attendees, a cupcake for everyone, unlimited fountain drinks, and each guest can build and take home their own LEGO model. Now that’s a party that’s sure to be a hit!

To get started, book on the LEGOLAND website, at least two weeks in advance of the party.

You’ll Be Here All The Time, So Get Your Family an Annual Pass!

Since you’ll only be living nearby, you can bet that your kids will want to visit LEGOLAND all the time! Think of all those rainy or snowy days where your kids will be begging to get out of the apartment for some LEGO-tastic fun. You might as well grab an Annual Pass to save money and to go without the guilt – especially if you end up bringing the kids a couple of times a month or more.

There are different levels of pass options, so choose the one that sounds like it’ll fit your family’s needs best.

Our Luxury Apartments in Atlanta: A Great Place for Kids to Live and Play

Any of our Atlanta apartments are a perfect place to raise the kids. With safe and friendly communities, spacious floorplans, and easy access to Atlanta, your kids will be safe, happy, and entertained.  And not to mention, they will absolutely love living so close to LEGOLAND!

Schedule a tour of one of our apartments in Atlanta and see for yourself why our properties are among the best places to raise kids in ATL.

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