5 tips for living with roommates at our apartments near SCAD Atlanta

 There are lots of perks when it comes to living with roommates – it can help cut down on costs with rent, you share the responsibility with utility bills, and you have built-in friends that you get to hang out with every day. But, of course, living with roommates can have its trials and tribulations as well – sharing bathrooms, keeping up with chores, and maintaining an organized home.

For residents of our Peachtree apartments that have roommates, there are a few ways that can help make everyone’s life a little easier. Here are 5 tips for living with roommates at 1660 Peachtree.


  1. Use storage boxes or containers for sorting mail

When you have two, three, or four people all living under one roof, it can be difficult to keep things organized. When someone goes to pick up the mail, chances are, there’s a package or an envelope for everyone in the house. Instead of throwing it on an entry table all jumbled and disorganized, sort your mail into storage boxes or mail sorting organizers. You can choose an organizer that hangs on the wall or sits on a table – either way, each roommate has their designated slot for any mail that comes in. Easy peasy!


  1. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Space is a prized possession when you live with numerous people. With roommates, you’ll probably find that you’re limited on space after combining multiple lives into one apartment. A great way to save space and create more storage is to buy furniture that serves multiple purposes. There are so many great and affordable options for this including ottomans that also serve as a trunk, coffee tables with storage compartments, or bed frames with pull-out drawers.


  1. Assign cabinets

Speaking of limited space, the kitchen and the bathroom tend to be the areas that get the most cluttered when living with roommates. Keep things tidy and organized by assigning certain cupboards to each roommate. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about where your favorite mug went or who ate the box of cereal you just bought. Assigning drawers and cabinets to each person is a great way to establish boundaries and to respect personal space.


  1. Schedule household chores and duties

With multiple people in one home, things can get messy much faster than if you lived alone. Help keep your apartment organized and clean by creating a chore schedule for each person. By organizing your cleaning schedule onto a weekly and/or monthly cleaning chart, each roommate knows exactly what duty is theirs and when it should be completed. Expectations are clear and the house stays clean – it’s a win-win for everyone.


  1. Venmo is your best friend

Between rent, the water bill, electricity, the internet bill, and other financial responsibilities, it can be confusing as to how to make it all work when you have roommates. One person might be the name on one bill while another person’s name might be assigned to another – no worries! Instead of working out who owes who what amount of money, just use Venmo! By using Venmo, you can simply and easily send money directly to your roommates for your portion of the bill. This also works great for when you go out for drinks and food too.


Living with roommates is perfect when you live at our apartments near SCAD Atlanta – it’s a great way to save money, make friends, and experience life. By using these helpful tips, you can keep roommate-living drama-free. Stop by 1660 Peachtree today and see which floor plan is the best for you and your roomies.

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