Tips on how to make your apartment feel like home at Bayside Arbors of Clearwater

Some people might think that apartment living feels “bland” or “boring.” Floor plans and units all look the same and there really isn’t much character to them, right? Well – that depends on how you look at things. When you live at our apartments in Clearwater, FL, all of our spacious floor plans with airy 9-foot ceilings are a blank slate for you to create your home. There are some easy and simple ways to transform your apartment at Bayside Arbors into the cozy home of your dreams – here are 5 effortless tips.


  1. Add or Change Light Fixtures

The basic light fixtures that come standard in most apartments are practical, but do they represent your style? Just by adding or changing out some light fixtures in your home, you can completely change the vibe of your apartment. Find a fun chandelier or sconce and replace those boring ones in your dining room or bedroom. Or, opt for unique floor lamps and tableside lamps to add personality and functionality to the space.


  1. Position Furniture Strategically

The way your furniture is positioned in your home can greatly affect its energy and flow. Having furniture placement that provides openness and ease of movement can really change the way your apartment feels. Do some research on “positive energy” furniture placement like Feng Shui and watch how even the smallest changes with the existing things you have can make such a huge difference.


  1. Personalize Your Entryway

The entryway to your home is like your home’s “first impression.” No matter if you have a small hallway to work with or simply just the front door that enters your apartment, there are ways to make your entryway feel welcoming and inviting as soon as you step foot inside. Hang some of your favorite artwork, place a bench or table near the door, or throw down a rug that has your favorite pattern or color. By creating an entryway that warms your soul and expresses your personality, you’ll love coming home every day – and your guests will love it too.


  1. Bring Nature Inside

Our apartments in Clearwater, FL are surrounded by some of the region’s most gorgeous nature and scenery – why not bring some of that beauty inside? Apartments can often feel dull and uninviting, but bringing some plants and flowers inside can bring life and vitality to the space. Not only are houseplants beautiful, but they help clean the air which can also help reduce stress and improve sleep.


  1. Add Scents to the Air

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful and emotionally-inducing senses we have. When we walk into a home or into a specific room that smells good, it can bring about feelings of happiness, relaxation, and contentment. Invest in candles or an oil diffuser to add your favorite scent to the air. Or, for an extra sense of hominess, bake some cookies or cook a savory meal to add those memory-making scents to your home before a get-together.


Stop by Bayside Arbors today to tour our floor plans and get inspired to turn one into your home.

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