7 ways to make your home feel more welcoming at our apartments on Vance Jackson

The floor plans of our apartments on Vance Jackson are absolutely gorgeous. With vaulted 9-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, chef-inspired kitchens, and wood-burning fireplaces, it’s the perfect canvas for you to make it your “home.” Here are some ways to make your apartment at Canyon Creek feel warm, welcoming, and cozy.


  1. Create an inviting entryway

The entryway is your home’s first impression, so of course, you want to make it a good one. Create an inviting and warm entryway by painting walls or adding wallpaper, adding a bench or table, hanging photos, or displaying a table lamp or chandelier. Not only will your guests say “wow” when they first walk in the door, but you’ll feel like you walked into your own private sanctuary every time you come home.


  1. Add layers of pillows and blankets

Nothing says “cozy” like a plush throw blanket or a soft throw pillow. Add warmth and comfort to your home by layering your bed, couch, and benches with pillows and blankets. Choose different textures and colors that suit your personal style, or swap them out depending on the season.


  1. Add mirrors to enhance your living space

A great way to make your place seem spacious and open is to use mirrors. Place one in your entryway or in hallways to give a feeling of openness. Try differently sized and shaped mirrors to also add an element of decor, and try placing mirrors near windows where they can reflect natural light.


  1. Stock up your snack drawer

If you don’t have a snack drawer, you should make one. Having easy access to delicious treats makes guests (and your family!) feel like they’re really at home. Have easy things for your guests to graze, like almonds, popcorn, cookies, chips, and other treats. In the fridge, have things like hummus, a cheese ball, or salsa.


  1. Add more natural elements

By adding natural elements in your home, it automatically promotes a comfortable and relaxed environment. Choose natural materials like bamboo, real wood, cotton, and linen for your furniture and blankets. Add plants and flowers to bring a bit of nature inside your home. And keep your curtains or blinds open to add in as much natural light as possible.


  1. Make getting into your seating arrangement and around your furniture easy

Strategically arrange your furniture so that it promotes flow and conversation. The living room is often the place where people gather for chats, so be sure to have a seating arrangement that allows people to see one another, with a coffee table in the middle for drinks or snacks. For other pieces of furniture, try to avoid placing anything near windows because it could block out natural light. And when arranging furniture, keep in mind the places that people commonly walk.


  1. Create an outdoor hangout spot

The units at our luxury apartments on Vance Jackson have private balconies and patios for you to relax and hang out. Add a few elements to make that area really welcoming and cozy. Decorate the area with an outdoor rug and some outdoor furniture, hang wall decor, display outdoor plants, and hang lighting to give the space a fun vibe.


Stop by Canyon Creek today to tour our stunning property and see our luxurious floor plans.

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