Mitsuwa Marketplace: Japanese Culture and Cuisine Near Our Arlington Heights Apartments

One of the many things you’ll love about living at our luxury Arlington Heights Apartments is how we celebrate many different cultures, backgrounds, and traditions. For those of you who are passionate about Japanese culture and food, you will absolutely love Mitsuwa Marketplace, which is a large supermarket offering a range of Japanese groceries, cosmetics, appliances, and other imported goods.

Mitsuwa Market is just 15 minutes south of our Arlington Heights Apartments in Northwest Chicago, and you’ll be glad you explored this unique beacon of Japanese culture here in Arlington Heights. After all, Mitsuwa Market is not just a grocery store – it is one of the only Asian food markets that also provide a food court inside the marketplace, as well as other shops and amenities.

Enjoy a Delicious, Affordable Japanese Meal

Many locals proclaim that they don’t look any further for authentic Japanese cuisine near their Northwest Chicago apartments. “I come for the Ramen because it’s the best in town”, says one happy online reviewer.

The first time you visit, you might become boggled at all the options! From Sanuki Seimen Mugimaru Udon Noodles, Santouka Ramen, Sutadon-Ya Pork Bowls, Mitsuwa NAGOMI Sushi & Deli, and much more, visiting Mitsuwa Marketplace is perhaps the quickest way to become an expert in delicious Japanese cuisine without even leaving Chicago!

If you’re a sushi lover, you’re about to die of happiness, because Mitsuwa Marketplace has some of the best, freshest sushi in the entire Chicago area. Feed your entire family with their various sushi packs, including a 50-piece sushi pack that will feed a family of 5 or 6. Their quality sushi is made with fresh fish, premium rice from Japan, and an original recipe blend of sushi vinegar. Made without MSG or gluten, these sushi plates are sure to become your next weeknight favorite take-out option. Move over, fast food!

Udon Noodles are a favorite Japanese delicacy – and Mitsuwa Marketplace offers Udon Noodles for a very affordable price. Order your Udon noodles a variety of ways: in a beef base, in a spicy curry, or fish broth. All three options are delicious.

What’s more, the locals can’t seem to say enough good things about the food here at Mitsuwa Marketplace. “Absolutely addictive,” says one online reviewer, “If your knowledge of Japanese cuisine is limited to sushi, ramen, and teppanyaki grill foods, give the Stamina Bowl or Sutadon a try. There are three flavors you can have for your pork bowl: garlic, ginger, or spicy. While both the garlic and ginger are definitely on-point, I’ve fallen in love with the #3 spicy bowl.”

Japanese Desserts to Die For

Come for lunch, come for dinner, but definitely stay for dessert! Mitsuwa Marketplace has a variety of Japanese sweet shops under one roof. B-Bee Crepe & Boba serves up delicious crepes, J. Sweets serve Japanese candies and confections, Lady M cakes bake incredible cakes, and the Pastry House Hippo serves up fresh baked goods. Finally Royce Chocolates is the perfect place to creatively quell that sweet tooth of yours.

They also have an in-house café that puts a fun spin on a Japanese classic. Releaf is a matcha café that serves up delicious ice creams, parfaits, floats, and more, all made from matcha! For those of you who don’t know what matcha is, it is made from super-concentrated green tea leaves that were grown in the shade so they have higher concentrations of chlorophyll.  Matcha has 10-times the antioxidant content of green tea, so you can enjoy your matcha ice cream without the guilt!

Books, Stationary, and Lifestyle Products Straight from Japan

If you’re not already convinced that this place is so much more than a Japanese grocery store, perhaps this will convince you: under one roof, you can get your hair done at the hair salon, purchase Japanese books, rent Japanese videos and movies, service your mobile electronics, purchase makeup and cosmetics, and even obtain insurance. It’s truly a one-stop shop!

At the video rental store, be sure to check out some Studio Ghibli films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Ponyo, Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and more – a worldwide film house phenomenon that originates from Japan. Kids will love exploring all the unique toy options from Japan in the book and stationary shop.

With their plethora of books and Japanese goods, you’re sure to learn a lot about Japanese culture just by milling around their aisles!

History of Mitsuwa Marketplace in America

The Arlington Heights location is not the only place where you can visit Mitsuwa Marketplace in America. This marketplace has enjoyed great success across the continent, with locations in California, Hawaii, Texas, and New Jersey. Founded in 1998, they are proud to be the largest Japanese Supermarket in the United States.

Charles Kellogg, manager of their Torrence, California location, tells the Daily Breeze, “We don’t try to compete with regular supermarkets. So if you want Japanese food or products, you go here. In the big picture, there’s a lot of other customers, too, people who are just interested in Japanese culture. It’s pretty diverse here, actually.”

No matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcome here at Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Events for the Whole Family

Mitsuwa Marketplace holds events every month to bring the community together. Most of the events are geared toward little ones, so they can stay engaged while their parents enjoy connecting with Japanese culture.

Kids can learn how to make sushi with their annual “Maki Sushi Cooking Class for Kids!” in which 15 lucky kids can learn how to make delicious sushi rolls from the experts. This class is best for elementary and middle school students, so you can bet their parents are going to put their kids to work in the kitchen!

Children can also participate in kid-friendly arts and crafts, where they can create their own artworks to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Kids who love these activities are sure to love “Children’s Day”, when Mitsuwa Marketplace hosts their annual Japanese Sweets Fair, where children and their families can enjoy traditional Japanese confections, including Kashiwamochi, Daifuku, and Ohagi.

Taking Japanese Cuisine Back to Your Spacious Kitchen At Arlington Heights Apartments

Many people today are becoming more and more interested in how they can cook their own healthy recipes at home. Even if you’ve only ever ordered ramen or soba at a restaurant, you might want to experiment with cooking some delicious Japanese fare in our spacious, updated kitchens here at our Arlington Heights Apartments in Northwest Chicago.

Schedule your free tour today! There, you will get a chance to explore a virtual tour of the grounds, gardens, and amenities, and to see what life has in store here at our luxury Apartments here in Arlington Heights. Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff members. You’re sure to love living in and exploring this dynamic, beautiful neighborhood!

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