Need help organizing your closet? Here are 5 tips to help you at Sawyer East End apartments

Floor plans at our East Louisville apartments range from 712 square feet to nearly 1,400 square feet, so you won’t need to worry too much about having enough space. However, one area where most people tend to feel cluttered is their closet. Our units have spacious closets, some are walk-ins, so you’ll have plenty of room for clothing storage. However, if you’re looking for additional ways to save space and enhance your organization skills, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 tips to help you create the most of your closet space at Sawyer East End.


1.) Start with a good purge

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to save space is to have less stuff. Although it might sound daunting, purging some of your belongings is easier than you think. Start by going through all of your clothing and get rid of the following: anything that doesn’t fit, anything that is worn out, anything you don’t like anymore, and anything you can’t wear more than once. You can donate, recycle, or sell these items to make more room in your space. Some tips for keeping your clothing, consider the following: only keep clothing that you love, is versatile, and makes you feel good.


2.) Invest in space-saving hangers

When people are organizing areas, like closets, they tend to only look at horizontal space instead of vertical space. Use every inch of that valuable real estate by investing in space-saving hangers and closet organizers. Look for items and organizers that hang from your closet rack and allow you to store multiple pieces of clothing using vertical space. There are also hanging cubbies and racks that are perfect for storing shoes, accessories, and purses.


3.) Create an organization system that works best for you

Everyone is different when it comes to their organizational preferences. Some people like to sort by colors, others by season, and another idea could be by style of clothing or what you wear most often. Decide which organizational style works best for you and use it to organize your closet. Some examples could be using color-coordinated hangers, hanging clothing from light to dark, or sorting clothing by pattern style or seasons.


4.) Store seasonal clothing elsewhere

When it’s summertime, the last thing you want is to have your closet taken up by bulky sweaters and cold-weather clothing. And when it’s winter, you don’t want your closet to be full of tank tops and shorts that you won’t be wearing for the foreseeable future. Instead, invest in bins that can fit under your bed or purchase furniture that doubles as storage (like a coffee table or ottoman that has hidden storage compartments). Use those things for your seasonal clothing so that it’s not taking up that valuable closet space.


5.) Stay on top of it

One of the easiest ways to become unorganized is by letting things get out of control—whether that’s dirty laundry, buying new clothes without getting rid of old clothing, or simply letting your organization routine get away from you. Keep your closet beautifully uncluttered and organized by staying on top of things—have a set laundry day, throw one item out when one new item is purchased, and try not to get dressed or undressed in a hurry.


Your home at our East Louisville apartments is your sanctuary—treat it like one. By implementing these simple organizational tips, your closet will be easy to manage and pleasing to the eye. Stop by Sawyer East End today to tour our luxurious and spacious floor plans.

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