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‘A limitless runway’

People always have been – and always will be – The Connor Group’s No. 1 key to success. It’s our job to find, interview and evaluate those special people. In recent months we’ve asked recruiters and leaders within the organization about their all-time best hires.

Partner and area manager Payton Stone, who oversees our Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham markets, recently told us about his senior lead tech Willie Edmonds …

Why was he your best hire?
Willie’s been able to show new techs that we hire what is possible when you have a solutions-oriented, optimistic, team-first mentality.

What do you remember most from his recruiting process?
From the very beginning, he not only said he would be the best, but he backed it up through actions from his day in the field through his first 90 days. He was a servant leader from Day 1.

What made you think he would be a good fit?
Willie has incredible discipline from his days in the military. He’s also an ultra-competitive human being when it comes to everything that has a winner involved. He hates losing more than he loves winning.

Which of his traits do you wish you could find in more candidates?
Competitor and activator. He wants everyone to win, however, he wants to beat his peers at all levels of tech performance. He is a self-starter; he doesn’t need to be told what to do. He already has a plan and knows how to execute it using his knowledge and his skills.

What do you expect from him in the future?
Willie has a limitless runway. He was recently promoted to senior lead tech, and I could see him being a regional service trainer in the future.

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