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‘What if everyone was 5-10-percent better at making decisions?’

“Decision education” is a foreign phrase and concept for most of us. We teach students how to read and write and complete math problems. But, by and large, we don’t teach them how to make decisions, which is unfortunate, because decisions impact every aspect of our lives.

Decision education is being applied in various ways in various organizations – Wall Street firms train their associates in it, Ivy League schools offer courses in it, social media companies employ it to make more effective products.

The Alliance for Decision Education sees a future in which decision education is a regular part of curriculum for all students – akin to STEM and social-emotional learning.

“Life is chance and choice,” said Alliance director of operations Ramin Mohajer. “You can control the choice; you can learn how to make better decisions. What if everyone was 5-10-percent better at making decisions, if they were 5-10 percent better at assessing risk, think of how much better things would be.”

Decision education could have more than just an academic impact. It can help solve the root problem behind teen drug use, teen pregnancy, crime, texting and driving. It can impact how we interpret news. The applications are endless.

Kids and Community Partners sees massive impact and potential in this field and has made a seed investment in the Alliance to help scale its work.

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