Five new Connor Group Partners Named

Five new partners revealed

Our Awards Breakfasts are filled with surprises, but nothing quite compares to promotions to partner. Today five associates walked down the red carpet at our Central Support Office, bringing the total number of Connor Group partners to 63. Cheers and applause filled the atrium as each promotion unfolded.

Indianapolis market founder and veteran lead tech Phil Cyphers is best known for his customer service. He started with the company 10 years ago and now has earned the distinguished title of partner.

“People love to be around you,” partner and senior regional trainer Rob Murray said. “You service everyone with a smile. Everybody knows your name at the properties. It’s amazing all the customer service you give to everybody. You’re one of a kind.”

Senior director Tiffany Montoya teared up as her name was announced at this morning’s celebration. Since joining The Connor Group in 2018, she’s brought a can-do attitude, moving to Columbus and then across Cincinnati and Dayton.

“You’ve been the difference maker in the Cincinnati and Dayton markets,” partner and regional head Sal Gracia said. “You’re now one of the cornerstones, the foundational pieces of the market. A go-to resource that trains and sets new standards.”

Three CSO associates also earned partner today, including executive assistant Stacy Agarwal, expense control specialist Christie Miles and SEO specialist Ross Johnson.

Stacy began working as an executive admin in 2018 and is the “glue” of the operations team.

“You always put everyone else ahead of you. You’re always willing to do whatever it takes, whether it’s in your department or anywhere else in the organization,” partner and CEO Bob Lloyd said.

Expense control specialist Christie Miles is an instrumental part of the Accounting Department. She’s the first person to jump in and train new managers on our systems and recently helped implement a new utility billing tracking system.

Her daughter, and lead sales associate Brandi Caskey, flew in from our Denver market and met her mom on the red carpet as the promotion was announced.

“Thanks to you, we’re able to track and mitigate these issues faster than we ever have before,” partner Ben Little said.

SEO specialist Ross Johnson rounds out the partner promotions announced at CSO this morning. Ross joined the company in 2019. He was instrumental in rolling out Funnel and remains the go-to resource on this important system. Thanks to Ross and his grit and determination, the online visibility of our properties has vastly improved.

“No matter what success you are having in your department, you know we can always get better, we can always improve, and we can do it faster,” Bob Lloyd said.

Ross was surprised by his family, including his wife and newborn son, Lincoln.

Congratulations, partners!

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