Hope Collins - Mountain Mover Award Winner

‘Hope is our plan’

Sometimes, to get things done, it takes a “silent hero” behind the scenes, moving mountains and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s why earlier this year, we added a new award recognizing administrative assistants at the Central Support Office who do just that. These individuals cross departments and help with any project and do it at an elite level.

Recruiting coordinator Hope Collins was the first administrative assistant to earn the award. Day to day, she helps manage vendors and processes for the Recruiting Department, completes tracking and data analysis, and assists with relocations.

“I think it is impactful that she supports more than 25 people,” partner and director of recruiting Angela Burns said. “We always joke that hope is not a plan, but Hope is our plan. She will do anything. She will answer the phone at midnight to make sure someone can get into their hotel or request an Uber at 2:00 a.m.”

Before joining The Connor Group, Hope worked for First Billing Services (now known as Resident Billing Services), a billing service company founded by managing partner Larry Connor and partner in absentia Pat Dorsey. Even though she worked in the same building, she said joining The Connor Group in 2021 was an adjustment.

“It’s honestly a full circle moment,” Hope said. “I had so much to learn when I first came in. I previously was an account manager. Now, in an admin role, I’m ultimately responsible for another person’s success. If I don’t get something done, it reflects poorly on Chris (Jemo) or Angela.”

Hope hit the ground running, taking on additional responsibilities with our Relentless Race each fall, our in-house cleaning and the Flight Department.

“Overall, there isn’t anything that she won’t do, and she always has a great attitude,” Angela said. “She has completed reports for CEO Bob Lloyd and has partnered with executive assistant Tina Austin on training projects. She is a key player in every aspect.”

Just last year, Hope scheduled 1,000 interviews, coordinated 120 travel itineraries for interviews, and handled 30 relocations for new hires and market founders. When operations manager Mike Parker moved from Chicago to Raleigh, he said Hope was a game-changer.

“We couldn’t have done it without her,” Mike said. “She was a key individual during the entire move. At least eight things happened, one being a ruined couch and drywall. Hope told me, ‘you focus on the move, the All In dinner, and I will handle it.’ Words cannot describe how much I appreciate what she did for us.”

And while so many associates rely on Hope, she says working at The Connor Group made her better both professionally and personally.

“Working with Angela and Chris has been so instrumental,” Hope said. “They have given me perspective. I know I’ve become a better person and mom because I work here. I have Chris and Angela to thank for that.”

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