‘I always answer’

The Philadelphia Eagles have felt success in the past six years by winning a Super Bowl championship between two appearances. But Eagles superfan and Connor Group veteran Dave Peacock has been a success story for more than double that time.

“When the sky is falling, they call me and I try to come hold it up,” Dave said.

As a partner and regional service trainer, Dave is used to calling audibles, making sure he is where he needs to be when The Connor Group needs him most. A prime example was just three weeks ago; Dave spent five hours on a Sunday digging a four-to-five-foot hole with lead tech Jermaine Thomas at Dovetree.

“We had a water main leak, and we couldn’t get to the shutoff, so we had to start digging,” said Dave.

“Dave is my Connor Group person,” said partner and senior director Katie Powell. “I can count on Dave every day and in every way. He’s the guy who can pull you up during bad times and celebrate with you during the good times.

“Dave is one of The Connor Group’s most valuable assets.”

When Dave isn’t putting out fires in Dayton or Cincinnati, he’s training and being a cultural role model for our associates. Recently, our regional heads spent time training at Somerset at Deerfield, and Dave led the training for the maintenance portion.

When asked about what it was like training top executives, Dave said, “Bob Lloyd (CEO) is the only one who has been with the company longer than me, so honestly, it was just like any other training. Another day of doing what needs to be done for us to be successful.”

Dave certainly knows what it takes to be successful at The Connor Group. You can see that by his row of awards in his office at the Central Support Office. Just this past February, Dave took home three prestigious Connor Group awards:

  • Fireman Award
  • Kids & Community Award
  • Core Value Award

But his all-time favorite award came in 2018, as he became an owner in the business he’s dedicated himself to.

“My partnership award means the most to me because it meant that I had made it. Not like the work is over made it because that’s far from the case but made it as I accomplished the ultimate goal of every associate who starts at The Connor Group,” said Dave.

His key to success comes down to his mindset and living our core values day in and day out.

“This is not a nine-to-five job, especially being a trainer. I get calls all the time, but I always answer because I never want one of our people to feel alone when facing a problem,” Dave said.

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