Connor Group awards.

Reward, recognition and reflection

Connor Group associates continue to rave about the National Awards Dinner. This kind of reward and recognition is what sets our organization apart. Across the country, associates shared laughs and tears as we honored TCG’s elite and welcomed a new class of partners.

Across our 17 markets, we celebrated a total of 33 promotions. Two partner promotions at the Central Support Office left a lasting impact on everyone in the room.

“My favorite part of the Awards Dinner was Chuck Denning’s promotion to partner,” said impact investment analyst Caleb Burke. “I see him consistently putting in the effort and modeling our core values. It is motivating to see that rewarded and recognized in front of the whole team.”

WATCH: 2023 National Awards Highlights

This was Caleb’s first award ceremony which made witnessing a promotion to partner even more impactful.

“It is so special that The Connor Group includes the associate’s family in the celebration. It’s a wholesome touch that you don’t find in other companies,” said Caleb.

We celebrated seven lead tech promotions across six different markets. We also celebrated one promotion to senior lead tech in Minneapolis, Aiden Cunha.

“Aiden takes ownership in Minneapolis and has come a long way with troubleshooting and business acumen,” partner and director of service training Paul Leber said. “He’s dealt with floods, fires, keeping boilers up and running and most recently, the indoor pool facility.”

The Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Indianapolis markets celebrated the evening together. Newly promoted senior manager Amy Hoffard loved bringing the four markets together under one roof.

“I would say my favorite part was just celebrating the success with all the people in the room. It was so cool to bring us together. The recognition and excitement with everyone in the room and being a part of that was so special,” said Amy.

It was also a night of recognizing top new rookies and relentless pursuits of excellence. Sales manager McKinney Snyder earned the Grit award in Tampa. The new hardware was exciting, but it was the people in the room celebrating with her who made the difference.

“It was a cool way to recognize everyone, not a dull bone in the room. Everyone was so vibrant, and it was so exciting,” said McKinney.

The highlight for her region came as regional head Kristen Rutledge’s family surprised her as she was promoted to partner – an inspirational moment McKinney and the Tampa team won’t soon forget.

 “We saw a different side of her when her family walked through the door. It was such an emotional awards dinner.”

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