The Connor Group awards.

‘The MacGyver of The Connor Group’

The road to partnership is often long and winding. Senior lead tech Matt Brewer’s journey is no exception. He’s worked in Nashville, Chicago and Louisville. There were countless emergency calls he responded to. He’s packed his bags to respond to winter storms across the country. When The Connor Group calls, Matt answers.

After seven years as a relentless and reliable associate, Matt was surprised this morning in Louisville with a promotion to partner.

“Matt is the ultimate team player. He’s so selfless,” partner Courtney Dies said. “He puts our residents first; he puts his teammates first. He’s willing to come in and do whatever it takes to make the person who works next to him have a better day. Matt’s such a joy to work with.”

Partnership is the ultimate promotion at The Connor Group, and associates at any level within the company who perform their job at an elite level are eligible. Partners come from virtually every department and every job description in the company – central support office, sales, management, maintenance and grounds. All have an ownership stake in The Connor Group and its properties.

Matt worked as Courtney’s very first lead tech in Nashville at Elliston 23. Straight out of the gate, he quickly lived and breathed our fix vs. replace mentality.

“There was a time we had an electronic welcome sign, and a part broke on it. He figured out that it was an old windshield wiper. So, Matt went to the dump and found it for free. He repaired a $5,000 piece of machinery at a $0 expense,” Courtney said.

Work like that over his seven-year career has earned Matt a nickname among his peers.

“He’s the MacGyver of The Connor Group. There’s nothing he cannot fix. If we give him duct tape, a can of Mountain Dew and maybe a paperclip, he can fix anything,” said partner and regional head Kristen Rutledge.

Partner and regional service trainer Carl Williams relies on Matt constantly in the Louisville market. He has worked at every property and helped train every service associate we’ve hired in Louisville this year. Matt thinks and acts like an owner in everything he does.

“Matt’s become my right-hand man to ensure that everything in the market gets done in a timely manner,” Carl said. “I know as a partner Matt is only going to keep growing.”

The celebration in Louisville was the first August Awards Breakfast of the 2023 season. As Matt walked up to accept his promotion, his family surprised him and joined the celebration.

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