The Connor Group awards.

The sales sensation

Chrissie Beard took our Tampa market by storm, leaving behind a career in insurance sales in February of 2021 to join The Connor Group. Since starting with the organization, Chrissie quickly picked up on our sales systems – enjoying the transition to a highly competitive, face-to-face sales environment. Last week, this associate earned a promotion to senior sales executive.

When the new sales career paths rolled out in 2023, Chrissie couldn’t wait to use the new tool to drive her development.

“One of the reasons I came to The Connor Group is because I wanted room for advancement. Hearing about all the ways you could advance was great. Every time I saw (partner and regional head) Kristen Rutledge or (partner and senior regional manager and sales trainer) Jenn Moreno, I asked them what I needed to do to get to the next level. So having that clearly defined in a career path was great.”

Knowing what Chrissie is capable of, Kristen put together a personal development plan that required meeting even higher expectations to earn a promotion to senior sales executive. For Chrissie, it was a no, brainer. Challenge accepted.

“Give her a goal, and she’s going to hit it. It’s her relentless pursuit,” Kristen said. “She took the more aggressive goals and ran with it.”

The sales career path in her Franklin Planner was a daily reminder and motivator for Chrissie, helping her focus on the goals she needed to meet and her plan to get there. Partner and Director of Learning and Development Courtney Dies said this habit is something all sales associates should adopt.

“The sales, service and manager career paths are a fantastic tool for our associates,” Courtney said. “But it is up to everyone individually to take control of their destiny, like Chrissie did, and do something with it!”

As Chrissie worked on her personal development, Kristen started a friendly challenge, telling her that she’d need to look the part if she earned the promotion to senior sales executive.

“I told Kristen it wasn’t if I was promoted. When I was promoted, she and Jenn needed to take me shopping,” Chrissie said. “They always have the best blazers and suits, so I wanted them to help me.”

At the August Awards Breakfast, the Tampa team cheered on Chrissie as she accepted her official promotion to senior sales executive. That moment left her feeling the success she worked so hard for over the last six months.

“It was really rewarding. I am one of the biggest preachers of the Awards Breakfasts. When you see people get recognized, clapping and standing up to recognize your work, nothing compares,” Chrissie said.

Kristen and Jenn followed through, becoming her “personal stylist” for the day at Tampa International Plaza and Bay Street.

In true relentless fashion, Chrissie is already eyeing her next goal. She’s learning more about manager responsibilities at the property, setting her sights on sales management and training.

“The only person who will stop you,” Chrissie explained, “is you.”

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