There's nothing she can't accomplish.

‘There’s nothing she can’t accomplish’

When the search began in 2022 for a Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market founder manager, there were non-negotiables.

The associate needed to be able to build a team and our culture, they needed to be able to execute our systems at an elite level, and they needed to hit the ground running at Grand Riviera in our 17th market.

Senior manager Traci Quetano did just that. Since December, she’s thrived in the new market, leading her team to success.

“There’s nothing she cannot accomplish,” said partner and CEO Bob Lloyd.

With her recent performance, it comes as no surprise that today, Traci was promoted to our newest Connor Group partner. Surrounded by her newly built market, friends, and family, she was surprised with the promotion at the Awards Breakfast.

“Traci’s earned this through her grit, hard work and determination. I am so proud of what she’s already accomplished, and I’m looking forward to her future success,” Bob added.

When Traci’s journey started in the Dallas market, Bob was her first regional manager. He watched her from the beginning as she struggled, like any new associate, to adjust and adapt. But it didn’t take long for her relentless mindset and natural leadership abilities to begin shining through.

“Traci is a highly competitive, passionate, driven, go-getter boss lady,” partner Courtney Dies said.

Since joining the company in 2019, Traci’s re-engineered and successfully sold Saxon Woods and Firestone West 7th in Dallas. Along the way, she’s learned to master and execute our systems – no matter what obstacles were thrown her way.

“It doesn’t matter if we throw her in Saxon Woods, Firestone, or a new acquisition in Miami, a new market we’ve never even been in – she goes in and stays focused. Traci grinds it out. She finds a way to be successful,” Courtney said.

During Traci’s time in Texas, the market endured a massive winter freeze that forced pipes to burst across the entire property, causing massive amounts of damage. As the entire state struggled to regain power, Traci and her team were on-site, working tirelessly to help our residents through the challenging time. She stepped up and acted like an owner even then.

“She’ll pick up the phone and call me, a vendor, whoever it is, there’s no obstacle in her way,” said partner and regional head Sal Gracia.

Congratulations, Traci!

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