‘This event is going to spark an aha moment’

Connor Kids Academy, one of three in-house programs operated and funded by The Connor Group Kids & Community Partners, hosted its annual spring events in Dayton and Cincinnati in April. The gatherings offered young men a unique opportunity to learn healthy habits and make good choices.

“To see the kids interacting with local business owners, with their parents, with our staff, I’m filled with a tremendous sense of pride and gratitude,” said Connor Kids Academy director Alex Klein.

The enrichment program is for boys in fifth through seventh grades, combining the power of sports with in-person events and a custom app to provide a year-round, potentially life-changing experience. 

The program’s two educational pillars, maintaining healthy habits and making good choices, are emphasized through partnerships with local college sports teams and other influential people.

Students enrolled attend a summer basketball camp and a fall event where they partner with a local university to catch a game. The spring event is an opportunity for young men to learn in a different setting.

In West Dayton, the young men learned from local chefs and business owners at West Social Tap & Table about healthy eating habits and entrepreneurship. For many of these young men, this was a new experience that broadened their horizons and inspired them to pursue new interests.

Christopher, a fifth-grader in the program, shared his success story.

“I used to eat a lot of junk food,” Christopher said. “I started changing my eating habits. I’ve lost about like 10 to 20 pounds because I started following the exercise plans and it’s been good for me. I love Connor Kids.”

The Cincinnati event was held at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Camp members also focused on healthy habits before attending the Bricktionary exhibit grand opening, which included hands-on activities such as building a giant LEGO® mosaic, testing building skills on an earthquake simulator, and building animals to add to the giant LEGO® brick garden.

“I know that this event is going to spark an aha moment and in some of our young men’s lives is going to be a pivotal point,” Alex said.

Connor Group associates help fund Kids & Community Partners by executing their jobs at an elite level. Over the next decade, Kids & Community expects to fund more than $500 million in non-profit work.

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