Buddy reader program at The Greater Dayton School.

‘What we do matters’

Hugs and high-fives filled the sidewalk in front of The Greater Dayton School as a Developing Leaders bootcamp arrived. A group of six Connor Group managers spent a September morning opening up books and reading side-by-side with students.

Connor Group managers fund this innovative new school in Ohio through their hard work.  When Connor Group managers’ dramatically increase the bottom line at their properties, the profits directly benefit under-resourced students at GDS.  

As “buddy readers,” our associates learned firsthand how they make a difference in the lives of students in Ohio, connecting the dots between their hard work and the greater purpose they help fund.

“I was energized greeting the students and seeing (partner and founding principal) A.J. Stich know all the kids’ names. He gave high-fives as they walked in,” said general manager Ashley Debnam. “It just makes me so proud of the company I work for and to go back to the property and continue to kick butt for these kids.”

The managers were grateful for the experience, and the students were thrilled to meet people who helped support their school.

“It was super impactful having the kids find out you work for The Connor Group and thanking you for what you do for them,” said operations manager Mindy Harris. “They were thanking us for the uniforms they have and the iPads they use. It means what we do on a daily basis matters.”

WATCH: Connor Group managers pay a visit to kids at The Greater Dayton School

The Greater Dayton School is one of our in-house programs funded by The Connor Group’s non-profit arm, Kids & Community Partners. Every time we sell a property, approximately $1.5 million goes towards our non-profit endeavors. Operations manager India Smith shared how this experience inspired her to return to her market and execute at an elite level, knowing the impact she’s making.

“Seeing the kids’ interaction and how proud they were of learning and growing within the school gives me purpose to go back to the property and do what I can for these kids. It was so heartwarming,” India said.

The managers also received a behind-the-scenes tour with A.J. during their trip, and they’re looking forward to seeing the permanent location, which is slated to open in November.

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