Not Just a Park: The World-Class Off-Leash Dog Park

It’s getting harder to find apartments that allow pets anymore. And that’s a real shame, because what would life be without our furry family members? That’s why all of our apartments in Atlanta are welcoming to dogs, cats, and all pets. We even have an on-site dog parks where your furry family members can run, play, and impress their parents on the doggie obstacle course.

Other than on-site at our apartments in Atlanta, there are a couple of places nearby that are perfect for your furry friends. The Brookhaven Dog Park is a favorite for dogs of all shapes and sizes and is a huge hit with their owners. There are also some other Fido-friendly places around town, so read on to learn more!

Brookhaven Park: The Doggie Mecca of Atlanta

This park was a dog park before it was, well, a dog park. For years, dog owners have been coming here to let their dogs off-leash and play with each other on the lush grass under the shady trees. Since the city noticed that people have chosen this as a perfect spot for a dog park, new improvements were made in 2019! These improvements include two raised dog washing stations with two bays if you have to wash two dogs at once, additional “doggy and me” water fountains, and additional doggie bag stations for when your pets go “number two.”

Here at Brookhaven Park, you can let your dog’s off-leash so they can roam freely around the park and meet new friends. The multiple trees and grassy lawns make it an ideal location for dogs and kids alike.

Why the Whole Family will Love Brookhaven Park

Brookhaven Park might be dog-central, but what’s great is that the whole family will love hanging out here as well. You can take a walk on the trail that winds around the park. Shoot some hoops at the basketball courts and kick a ball around the sports fields. It’s also a great spot for an outdoor picnic or barbeque, because there are outdoor picnic pavilion areas with outdoor grills, and is a common site for fairs, festivals, and events around the area.

What The Locals Say about Brookhaven Park

The locals can’t get enough of this dog park, probably because they see how much fun their doggies have. Yelp reviews laud this park as “one of the best dog parks in the area”, and that it’s an “awesome place to take the dogs”.

They say that other dog owners and locals who come to the park are very friendly, allowing dogs to play and to share water and tennis balls.

Locals say that you find more competent dog owners at the park and remind people that the park is unfenced. This means that if your dog has a lot of energy and is likely to run away, you might prefer a fenced-in dog park.

Other Dog-Friendly Places near our Atlanta Apartments

Brookhaven is such a dog-friendly area, that we would be remiss if we didn’t mention all the doggie opportunities! Dogs love it at Brook Run Dog Park because the landscape varies. There’s open green grass, woods, and walking trails, so there’s plenty to do with your dog, and plenty for dogs to see and sniff!

Dog owners love Brook Run Dog Park because there’s not much mud when it rains because the terrain is mostly pebbles. So if you’re looking to allow your dog some fun without getting too dirty, this is the place!

And if your dog isn’t the best at “staying by”, and if you’re concerned about safety, then this dog park is perfect for you! The fenced-in and safe atmosphere means that your younger, less-trained dogs can flop around and enjoy their day without worrying about safety.

Brook Run also supports different types of dogs. There are two parks: one for big dogs and one for large dogs. (Less or more than 25 pounds).

On Thursday nights during summer and fall, there’s a food truck festival where you can enjoy good food and live music with your dogs and enjoy the nice community to understanding dog owners. You won’t get overheated here, because the environment is shaded with plenty of benches.

How about dog-friendly restaurants in the area? Lucky’s Burger and Brew offers a laid back burger joint experience where you can grab a beer and watch the game. The dogs are allowed in too! But that’s not the only restaurant nearby that loves dogs. Take your furry friends to HOBNOB Tavern, or to Southbound or Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub. Here, dogs can hang out on the patio and enjoy spending time with their owners. Atlanta is just the friendliest dog city around!

Your Dogs Will Love it at Our Apartments in Atlanta – And So Will You!

Remember – if you can’t make it to the park on a busy worknight, there’s always our on-site dog parks at our Atlanta apartments. There’s obstacle courses, hoops to jump through, and plenty of doggie friends, all in an environment that’s clean and safe for your furry friends.

Schedule a tour of one of our apartments in Atlanta and rest assured knowing that you finally found a beautiful home that loves your dog as much as you do.

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