Top 5 organizational tips for efficient apartment living at our Murfreesboro apartments

The floor plans at our Murfreesboro apartments are spacious and luxurious—our one-bedrooms have an average of 948 square feet and our three-bedrooms boast an average of 1,312 square feet. There is plenty of space for you to furnish, decorate, and stock your home at Cross Creek at Murfreesboro, however, organization can be tricky with apartment living. Keep your home clutter-free, clean, and organized with these 5 super easy organizational tips.


  1. Clean Out Your Closet

If you haven’t worn that shirt or those pants in over a year, it’s time to toss it, sell it, or donate it, because you probably won’t ever wear it again…no matter how much you “think” you will. By clearing up the extra space in your closet or dresser, you’ll feel much less cluttered. Plus, it provides space for you to freshen up your wardrobe with things you might actually use. You can clear out junk drawers, linen closets, and other storage spaces in the same way by getting rid of old electronics, decor, kitchenware, etc.


  1. Do Small Chores Daily

When messes get out of control, they can feel daunting and super stressful. Do yourself a favor and dedicate one day or weekend to a deep clean of your entire apartment. Then, create a schedule of daily chores so your home never becomes out-of-control messy again. By doing things daily, your home will feel organized, clean, and fresh—making your bed, cleaning the dishes in the sink, or sweeping—these daily habits can make a big difference.


  1. Be Thoughtful About Your Furniture

When you live in a smaller space like an apartment, it’s important to be thoughtful about your furniture. Not only does this include arranging your furniture in a way that maximizes space, but also choosing the type of furniture you use. For the ultimate in organization, picking furniture that serves multiple purposes will be your best option. Choose an ottoman that doubles as storage or a sofa that doubles as a guest bed—there are tons of cool, multi-functional pieces out there.


  1. Ambient Lighting Is Essential

Lighting can be a game-changer when it comes to the feel and the vibe of your home. The more subtle and ambient, the better. Find floor and table lamps that truly fit your personality or bring an element of style to your home. Plus, there are so many fantastic plug-in options nowadays, like plug-in sconces that can really elevate the feel of your apartment—and you can take them with you if and when you move.


  1. Create An Organizational System For Each Room

A space for everything and everything in its place. It might sound like an old adage that your grandma used to say, but utilizing this motto daily can really keep your home tidy and organized. In each room, make sure that you have an organization system in place. For your bathroom, create drawers with storage compartments or use cubbies to store your toiletries. For your office, have shelves and cabinets that store all of your documents or supplies. When there’s a “routine” in place, it’s easier to keep things organized.


You’ll love living in our Murfreesboro apartments for so many reasons. And by putting these organizational practices in place, your home will always feel welcoming and warm. Stop by Cross Creek at Murfreesboro to tour our floor plans and get inspired today.

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