What to pack in your pool bag this Summer at McCauly Crossing apartments

Residents of our West Chester apartments will absolutely love taking a dip in our sparkling pool and soaking in the sun on our expansive sundeck this summer. And whether you plan on spending 15 minutes or a couple of hours out by the pool, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared with certain necessities. Here’s what to pack in your pool bag this summer so you’re always prepared at McCauly Crossing.


Waterproof Bag and Ziploc Bags

Of course, your bag itself is going to be a super key component when perfecting your perfect pool bag. Since you’re going to be by the water, you’ll want to choose a bag that is waterproof like a mesh tote or utility tote—that way, your bag is splash-proof. Then, make sure to use Ziploc bags to place any smaller items that can’t get wet, like phones, wallets, or electronic keys.


Extra Towels and Dry Clothes

Towels are essential at the pool, and you never know when you might need an extra one. So, plan on bringing one for each person, and toss a couple more in for good measure. Also, think about bringing a larger beach towel or sarong to spread on the grass if there are no pool chairs available. Another thing to pack, especially if you plan on going somewhere after the pool, is a set of dry clothes. That way, you can easily change in the bathroom and head on your way, or walk home without being soaking wet.


Sun Protection, Lip Balm, Aloe, or After-Sun Cream

Protecting yourself from the sun is a number one priority, so sunscreen is an obvious pool bag item. Make sure you’re choosing a high enough SPF to protect your skin type, and make sure it’s water-resistant so you won’t have to reapply too often. Another item to throw in your bag is a lip balm with SPF as well, your lips have sensitive skin that is prone to burning easily. Of course, items like hats and sunglasses are awesome too. Then, once you’re done with your time in the sun, use aloe or some other after-sun cream to soothe and moisturize your skin.


Snacks and Drinks (Water!)

When you’re planning on spending the afternoon by the pool, you’re bound to become hungry and thirsty. Swimming and sunshine can make you super thirsty, so water is an absolute must. Fill up a water bottle or bring an electrolyte drink to keep yourself hydrated. You’ll also want to toss in a few healthy snacks to keep up your energy for those laps—think trail mix, fruit, carrot sticks, or snack cheese.


The Fun Stuff!

Lounging by the pool is pretty great in and of itself, but when you’re planning on being there for a while, you’ll want to keep yourself entertained. Some other items you want to toss in your pool bag are earphones, books, pool toys, goggles, or an iPad.


Residents of our apartments in West Chester will love spending their summer by our gorgeous pool. And when you’re prepared with the perfect pool bag—you’ll have everything you need at an arm’s reach to stay happy, entertained, and hydrated. Stop by McCauly Crossing today to tour our stunning property.

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