Premier Shopping & Entertainment Minutes from our Peachtree Apartments in Atlanta

Our pet-friendly apartments are perfect for students and professionals with impeccable taste and a love for the good life. With our spacious, sunny floor plans, resort-style pool, state-of-the-art workout center, and beautiful balconies, you’ll love what life has to offer here at our Peachtree apartments in Atlanta.

Whether you’re a student who wants to live near SCAD or Georgia Tech, or a professional who wants to live in the heart of Atlanta, our Peachtree apartments are the natural choice. We’re just down the street from the hottest entertainment venues, premier shopping, and live music A-Town has to offer.

The Westside Provisions District: Atlanta’s Westside Shopping Mecca

Atlanta’s west wide is on the rise, thanks in part to the hip and quality-focused Westside Provisions District. Where high-end meets trendy and chic, Westside Provisions District is the epicenter responsible for a growth of new shops and restaurants just 15 minutes from our luxury Peachtree apartments near SCAD.

“It’s all about, how do we stay fresh and true to the culture we’re creating?” Michael Phillips tells Atlanta Magazine, hitting on the ideas and attitudes that make the Westside Provisions District a special place. While there are plenty of places to shop in Atlanta, the Westside Provisions District is where Atlanta residents can buy high-quality wares without breaking the bank.

It’s the best place to shop for new clothes, whether you’re looking for a couple of fresh wardrobe pieces for your upcoming vacation, some smart-looking frocks for the start of the school year, or for that perfect dress for your friend’s black-tie wedding. You can pamper yourself at Little Barn Apothecary, stretch yourself into a deep yoga pose at L’Artisan Muse restorative studio, or grab a delicious frozen treat at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Atlanta’s Best Dining and Craft Drinks at Westside Provisions District

Westside Provisions District isn’t just a great place to buy a new set of threads. It’s also an excellent choice for grabbing dinner or drinks with friends just a short drive away from our Peachtree apartments near SCAD. Grab a cocktail at JCT Kitchen & Bar, always ready with in-season cocktails that are sure to get happy hour rolling. With their delicious seafood, pork chops, and southern soul food with a twist, there’s a dish for everyone’s palate. Also be sure to check in on their live music events, with local acts frequently lighting up the JCT stage.

Want to grab a delicious dinner with a date or your group of friends? Don’t miss out on the newly-opened Aziza, which serves up Modern Israeli cuisine that will make your mouth water.

What the Locals Say about Shopping near our Peachtree Apartments in Atlanta

When you need some inspiring home decor for your Peachtree Apartment or if you need that perfect suit, you’ll need a go-to shopping location that’s close to home. After a friendly chat with the locals, you’ll see that the Westside Provisions District is truly to credit for Atlanta’s west side being on the rise.

Cory C., a local guide says, “The Westside Provisions District is a cool place for a date night on the westside. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. It’s a nice chill area. Lots of things and people to catch the eye!”

Sarah Beth, another local guide, says “This is a great little spot to go if you have people in town or you yourself are visiting. It’s a nice spot to shop around, grab some ice cream from Jeni’s and relax. We always come over here with my boyfriend’s parents and his mom loves it!”

Bring the whole family, bring your friends, and bring your sense of style, because you’re about to fall in love with The Westside Provisions District near our Peachtree apartments in Atlanta.

Live Music and Entertainment, Steps from Our Luxury Peachtree Apartments in Atlanta

Since our luxury Peachtree apartments are so close to live music venues, we’d be remiss if we didn’t encourage you to explore our dynamic local music scene. With incredible talent from here in Atlanta, to touring acts that have earned a name for themselves, there’s plenty of great music to tap your feet to near our Peachtree apartments.

Looking for a little late-night rock n roll? The Loft is a hip live music venue just five minutes from our apartments near SCAD where you can see some great local artists and national acts of all genres. Bring some friends, sip on an ice-cold beer, and discover your new favorite band.

About ten minutes away is the long-beloved Northside Tavern. With musicians taking the stage daily, this ATL favorite is a great place to grab a cold beverage and enjoy listening to some live blues. Originally a gas station, Northside Tavern is now the go-to place to listen to the blues and shoot some pool. It’s a little bit dive bar, a little bit local watering hole, and full of a lot of love for local blues and brews.

Only fifteen minutes down the road from our Peachtree apartments in Atlanta is another local favorite, Smith’s Olde Bar. Not only a great place to grab a late-night bite, Smith’s Olde bar is also a huge supporter of the local music scene, with two different stages. Complete with bar games, great food, and live music, Smith’s Olde Bar boasts an unbeatable vibe and has been a neighborhood favorite for years.

Finally, Blind Willie’s is a local favorite that features blues music and local bands on a weekly basis. Be sure to check out this low-key joint with brick walls and a menu that will satisfy you and your friends’ raging appetites.

These are just a few of our favorites. Atlanta is full of great places to catch live music, so grab some friends and explore all of the musical culture and entertainment A-Town has to offer.

Everything You Need Close to Our Luxury Peachtree Apartments in Atlanta

Our community of residents here at our Peachtree apartments in Atlanta have the good life at their fingertips, including world-class shopping, delicious dining, and opportunities to stretch your legs. Request your tour of our luxury Peachtree apartments in Atlanta today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members can show you around our spacious, sunny floor plans, our world-class amenities, and our incredible community resources that you will love.

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