School District 25: Where Chicago Kids Thrive

One of the biggest challenges of finding a new place to live is whether you’ll be able to find an affordable new home in a stellar school district that will help your children reach new heights. No matter a child’s age, parents are often concerned about how to send their children to the best schools possible, so they can have a positive educational experience.

Here at our luxury Arlington Heights apartments, we pride ourselves on being a fantastic place to raise the family. Not only do we have a safe community and spacious floorplans where kids can stretch their legs, we also happen to be situated in one of the best school districts in the entire Chicago area.

Arlington Heights School District 25: 9 Schools, 1 Mission

The Arlington Heights School District operates 11 education centers that are just steps away from our apartments in Northwest Chicago. No matter which District 25 school you send your child to, you can bet that your child will be well taken care of. The mission of the entire school district is to “cultivate learners within a nurturing and collaborative community to thrive in an ever-changing world.”

Arlington Heights: Where Learning Is Personal  

No longer are children expected to sit quietly at their desks for seven hours a day. Arlington Heights has embraced a better route to education, called personalized learning, so students can play to their strengths and interests and become a stronger learner in this changing world.

According to their website, “The Arlington Heights School District 25… fosters a culture of literacy and learning. Through an integrated and collaborative program, school library media specialists provide a framework for learning in the 21st Century, ensuring that students and staff are effective users and producers of ideas and information.”

Our children are growing up with endless opportunities, where new jobs are created every day that older generations have never heard of. In this internet age, children can explore a world of information, learn with students on the other side of the globe, and create their own media for the world to see.

Here at the Arlington School District 25, students are encouraged to use the tools at their fingertips, and teachers support learners in following their interests and passions.

Elementary School Excellence for Younger Children

Just a three-minute drive from our luxury Arlington Heights Apartments is Greenbrier Elementary School, which serves almost 450 students from early childhood to fifth grade. Greenbrier Elementary receives an “A” for overall excellence in education from, a website that specializes in ranking schools and companies across the United States. Arlington Heights School District 25 receives an honorary mention for their caring, quality teachers, as they enjoy a 94-percent teacher retention rate.

A student who recently graduated from Greenbrier has fond memories of going to school here. “Greenbrier was amazing for me,” he says, “I always felt like a teacher was helping me when I needed it. We had so many fun activities like the Read-A-Thon, STEAM night, movie nights, and so much more. I felt very safe in this school. The teachers were amazing and my elementary school experience was amazing.”

Greenbrier Elementary has also undergone a recent expansion. They now have four brand new classrooms located in a new south wing. This south wing also has new group/teaching spaces that can be used as offices. Outside there is a new early childhood playground where kids can get their wiggles out and play with their friends.

Ivy Hill Elementary is another wonderful option. It’s just four minutes from our Arlington Heights Apartments and is also highly rated across the board. This school has excellent academics, excellent teachers, and even a little more diversity than their friends at Greenbrier.

Principal Kaese says, “Here at Ivy Hill, we believe that every student brings their own unique passions, ideas, and beliefs to create an amazing learning community. That diversity is embraced and valued by our entire staff. Our teachers are innovative and their lesson development creates opportunities for student choice and collaboration.

But that’s not all the amazing elementary schools in School District 25! Located slightly farther from our Stonebridge of Arlington Heights apartments are Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary School, Patton Elementary, and Westgate Elementary, who all carry the same high standards of educational excellence.

Where Middle School Students Can Learn and Grow

There are two middle schools in District 25: South Middle School and Thomas Middle School. South Middle School is a 13-minute drive from our luxury Arlington Heights Apartments, and Thomas Middle School is much closer – just a 5-minute drive from home. In this article, we’ll focus on Thomas Middle School.

Thomas Middle School will not disappoint. It ranks among the top 100 best public middle schools in Illinois, clocking in at just #73. It receives an overall grade of “A” from, because of their incredible teachers and rigorous academics. They are especially heralded for having amazing teachers, ranking at just #51 of 1,316 for the best public middle school teachers in Illinois.

One alum says, “I remember those days at Thomas Middle School. I remember the radiant personality of the teachers who made going to class at Thomas Middle School an unforgettable experience. I had many opportunities to build my team skills. One of my favorite projects included designing a Google logo as part of a contest and getting to vote on the other student’s creative designs. The science labs were enthralling, and social studies piqued my curiosity. The classroom experience always incorporated good discussion, and gym class sparked my energy.”

Thomas Middle School is a fantastic growing and learning experience for all its students, and it strives to improve the lives and futures of all their sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students.

Principal Kaye says, “we have a very energetic staff ready to teach the students with a rigorous curriculum. In addition, we have opportunities for students to excel in their athletic and artistic skills.”

Thomas Middle School students can enjoy a variety of clubs and activities, such as Dance Club, Garden Club, Open Art Studio, Ski Club, music and chorus, and even gaming club!

Stonebridge of Arlington Heights: A Great Place to Raise the Family  

When you and your family move here to our beautiful apartments in Northwest Chicago, you can rest assured that your children are getting the best education possible. They’ll learn and grow with friendly peers and enthusiastic teachers.  And when they get home from school, they’ll love everything we have to offer here at our Arlington Heights apartments. Your kids can take a dip in the resort-style pool, play a match at one of our lighted tennis or basketball courts, blow off some steam at the playground, and play with their favorite furry family member at the dog park.

Schedule your free tour today of our pet-friendly, kid-friendly apartments in Arlington Heights! Be sure to visit our website and contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members. We can’t wait to have you as a neighbor!

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